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Topic: Help!! , I need advice for best laptop for GPO

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    Help!! , I need advice for best laptop for GPO

    I am sorry if this is a repeated question :

    I am thinking of buying GPO + a laptop very soon for a highly accomplished South Indian artist (N. Ravikiran, who plays the Chitravina), who is intersted in composing for orchestral instruments. He has asked me to choose the best components since he is not very familiar with software sequencing.

    I am thinking of a ~2GHz IBM with 2 Gig RAM, with windows 2000. Is it necessary to have a special sound card? It doesnt seems so from the requirements given in the website.

    I would greatly appreciate any help or links.


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    Re: Help!! , I need advice for best laptop for GPO

    Let me give you my two cents (and then you\'ll hear from the *experts*).

    First of all, remember that going the laptop route means that you will be spending 2 to 3x the cost of a desktop unit. IOW, pound for pound, feature for feature, your costs will be two or three times the same as if you went for a desktop unit. Worse, the unit will be obsolete in a few years with little to no possibility of upgrading. Obviously if it has to be portable it has to be portable, but in nearly every other way you are far better off geting a desktop.

    Second, while a special sound isn\'t needed for even producing quality sound (because the sound card itself, with rare exceptions, is not involved at all when you go to write out the .WAV file) if you are getting GPO for the ability to \"hear\" what you are composing you really want something that\'s good enough for this process. With notebooks you are very limited, although I note <g> that there is now a PCMIA pro sound card that looks attractive. In the desktop arena your choices are much wider.

    As you\'ve noted, lots of RAM is good. 2GB would be nice, but since you\'ll end up buying a closed system (to the degree it will be very unlikely you can change the memory later) I would try for 4GB if at all possible. The likelihood is that more and more memory for these kinds of things will be needed (particularly with the addons like the Big Band and Diva stuff coming up soon). You can never have enough memory (or be too thin).

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    Re: Help!! , I need advice for best laptop for GPO

    Whew, you could build two desktops (sans monitor of course) what its gonna cost for a laptop with 2 gigs of ram. Wow, I wish I had your budget. Seriously, if it don\'t need to be portable, spring for an upgradable desktop.

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    Re: Help!! , I need advice for best laptop for GPO

    To do a GPO laptop right, you\'ll want the fastest processor you can get, with minimum 1GB RAM (more would be better). There are laptops now with 3 GHz processors, so stay away from the 2.0. Also, hyperthreading is available with the higher end Pentium4 machines. HD should be minimum 5400 RPM, if you end up tracking a lot of audio tracks you\'ll be disappointed without a 7200 RPM drive probably. An onboard soundcard can be adequate thru headphones - my 2.8GHz Toshiba Pentium4 is adequate thru phones, though I usually use it through an M-Audio Ozone controller (midi keyboard with 24 bit audio). If not there is the Echo Indigo , a PCMIA card for around $99 that will give decent sound thru headphones. A nice option would be to have an onboard Firewire port, to give the option of an external, high performance firewire hard drive....


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    Re: Help!! , I need advice for best laptop for GPO

    Thanks much for the replies.

    The need is particularly or a laptop here as he travels a lot. I understand the extra cost, it does hurt.

    But hey what about the GPO ad which promotes the idea of sitting in the beach with a laptop and composing ! :-)


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    Re: Help!! , I need advice for best laptop for GPO


    I use a Dell Inspiron 5150. It has a 3.06Ghz P4 processor, 40 GB hard drive.

    Paid about $1,100 for it at http://outlet.us.dell.com/ Then I bought an extra 1,024 MB memory (2 x 512MB) for $250 at crucial.com.Finally I purchased an Echo Indigo card for $99 (I also hada Layla Laptop).

    This system has served me well at NAMM, at MENC and on the road. Never a problem and I can load upwards of 80 instruments.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Help!! , I need advice for best laptop for GPO

    thanks much Gary,
    that gives me a good idea.

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    Re: Help!! , I need advice for best laptop for GPO

    80instruments!!!?????? on a laptop by dell?


    im on a dual1g G4...1.5GB of ram....running Protools with the kontakt player and i can only get 5 instruments (bareley) before it konks out. i must be doing something wrong.

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    Re: Help!! , I need advice for best laptop for GPO

    It\'s strange. check that you are not loading \"wet\" instruments but only \"dry\" ones.
    With a powerbook 15 i get around 17 instruments without using the GPO reverber so you would get far more.
    As I just wrote the incredible difference between performances between mac and pc underlines that the kontakt player can be far away optimize for mac. Consider that we are comparing 80 instruments against 10 !!!
    I hope the new player would fix this problem

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    Re: Help!! , I need advice for best laptop for GPO

    nope. dry.
    I havent tried the new kontakt player. im wondering if that will help. but it seems ridculous that it would affect it that much. im looking into renting a g5 to complete this project....its very frustrating doing doing 4 voices at a time...then bouncing those...reimporting and then doing a new 4.


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