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Topic: GPO and Sonar 2.2

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    GPO and Sonar 2.2

    Sorry if this is another redundant set of questions. I did look up Sonar 2.2 and found no explicit references.

    Anyway, I do want to get GPO, but I\'ve got a limited budget. I\'m quite content with Sonar 2.2, and have Cakewalk\'s VST adapter. Does GPO work okay with Sonar 2.2?

    Also, I\'m debating whether I should upgrade to either 512mg ot 1gig RAM. The price differential is pretty substantial for a Dell Dimension 8200 (P-4 2.0, two 7200 hard drives, 256mg RAM, Tascam U-224 audio interface)--less than $200 for 512 and close to $500 for 1 gig. If I could get away with 512 and Sonar 2.2 I would, but if this is not realistic I\'d like to hear why not.

    Your feedback/advice would be appreciated.

    Jeff in Boston

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    Re: GPO and Sonar 2.2

    Hi Jeff,

    GPO seems to work better as a VST in Sonar. I have Sonar 2.2 on one of my computers and it works fine.

    512 MB of RAM will give you many instruments but not the entire orchestra. If you are planning on lighter orchestrations then 512 MB may suit your needs. If you plan large instrumentation then you will need more RAM. We hope to have DFD streaming implemented in an updated release of the player which may eliminate the need for more RAM. Hope this helps,

    Gary Garritan

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