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Topic: Hard Drives?

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    Hard Drives?

    Which would be best for running Gigasampler and recording on the same PC:

    One 120g SATA partitioned, or Two 60g ATA100\'s non-partitioned?

    Thanks for the opinions!

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    Re: Hard Drives?

    I admit that I\'m no expert... but I think, that as long as they are devoted to samples and they are defragged, the difference would be academic... But i\'m sure there is a marginal difference.. and i\'m also sure that people will disagree on what would be best

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    Re: Hard Drives?

    Definitely 2 separate drives, both set to master on your IDE bus.
    Imagine you have to be able to read and write from one drive the same time, this
    can\'t work well.

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    Re: Hard Drives?

    ok.. I think I got it...

    So you considering two drives, or one drive with everything on? Sequencer and samples on the same? Keep the two seperated for sure

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    Re: Hard Drives?

    I concur, you definitely want them seperated. The data would all be streamed from the same drive and sent down the same channel. You will definitely get more performance out of 2 or more drives.

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    Re: Hard Drives?

    There you are again. I was about to say a similar question was on the VSL Giga forum. Looks like two drives wins in the poles. As I mentioned in the other forum, that is my intuition also. Two drives, even if they are a bit slower. A single drive would have to work real hard to keep up with all the tasks. The read and write heads would be all over the place.

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    Re: Hard Drives?

    Thanks for the feedback!
    I will go with two. I\'m going to upgrade my music PC to get ready for gigasampler 3.

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