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Topic: Film music sequencer

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    Film music sequencer

    I am very pleased with Sonar 3.1 PE. I feel comfortable working with it and have even been with Cakewalk since Pro Audio 9. My question is this: I would like to compose for film/tv, but had heard about a year and a half ago that the sequencing standard for professionals is Pro Tools. Is this still the case? If so, do I need to think about changing over to it? This would require a huge expense and hours learning a new system.

    I have been in a course, Music For The Media, for about the last two years. I am coming up on a part of the course that requires me to find a scoring job. I am fine as long as I keep all the composing in-house, but if I ever have to go to LA or New York I want to be ready.

    Any of you working composers have any thoughts on this matter?



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    Re: Film music sequencer

    We work with a major west coast music for film facility and Pro Tools is used all the time but not as the main sequencer, all composing is done on either Logic or Cubase, at this particular studio anyway.
    Music For The Media, great people and very good course. Good luck and, go for it.

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    Re: Film music sequencer

    Thanks Bruce! I guess that means whenever I go to the mixing studio I just need to have my tracks converted from midi to audio. This is such a big relief!!

    I have really learned so much through the Music For The Media course. I really can\'t wait to get started with a REAL project.

    Thanks again!


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    Re: Film music sequencer

    Lee is right on the button. My experience is that sequencing is done using Cubase or Logic and Pro Tools is sometimes used when all composition and arranging has been completed. Then, separate audio tracks or sub mixes can be loaded into Pro Tools for final processing and editing to picture if the producer/director requests it.
    If you get the opportunity to visit or Intern at one of the top facilities it would probably be a prerequisite that you have a basic knowledge of either Cubase or Logic just encase you are lucky, or some may say, unlucky enough to assist a resident composer with a score, as most use these programmes to compose & arrange with.

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    Re: Film music sequencer

    Guys, you have some good thoughts. I may at least purchase Cubase, I\'m a PC musician, after I finish financing the Vienna Symphonic Librabry for my studio. Not a cheap library, but GREAT sounds! It has taken my music to a whole new level. Sonar 3.0 and VSL have been a good combination so far.

    I appreciate your advice and it has been very helpful!



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    Re: Film music sequencer

    So is it absolutely crucial to learn these two sequencers if you\'re into film scoring? I\'m using SONAR as well, and I really don\'t want to switch to a different sequencer. I thought they all did basically the same thing!

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    Re: Film music sequencer

    I\'m from the old school. I consider Pro Tools an elaborate recording device with digital signal processing as plugs where the weight of the work is done on the PCI card which frees up the DAW to handle other music production tasks. Logic, DP and Cubase integrate with Pro Tools so that the midi intensive is handled by the sequencer leaving Pro Tools to handle the audio (and in this case lock to Avid via smpte or blackburst.)

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