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Topic: FSB and RAM ?

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    FSB and RAM ?

    I have a stupid question here, for Athlon users :

    Do we have to get a FSB400 Athlon CPU with a DDR400 to get the best RAM performances ?

    This is strange, because I did a test with an Athlon 2200+ (FSB266Mhz...) and some 333 and 400 DDR RAM (512Mo).

    It seems that a I get a faster loading time with the DDR400 in Gigastudio with same samples...

    So the CPU FSB doesn\'t mater for RAM performances ?


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    Re: FSB and RAM ?

    I did read somewhere (dont know if it is true) that you can have different CPU and RAM bus speeds.

    I always gone the conservative route though and matched the DDR ram speed to the FSB of the CPU.

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    Re: FSB and RAM ?


    I recently upgraded my motherboard to one with a 400Mhz FSB.
    I had similar concerns about matching FSB speed with RAM requirements, but didn\'t want to replace all 2Gig of my old PC2100 memory.

    I bought a Gigabyte board which allows you to specify different speeds for your main FSB and memory speeds.

    I guess when I have some spare money I might one day upgrade the main memory .... but until it works fine.

    (I\'m also using budget own brand e-buyer RAM, which just works fine)

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    Re: FSB and RAM ?

    Hi, Scott and Andy.

    I just did the test again, I give the result :

    CPU : Athlon XP 2200+ (FSB2600Mhz)
    Mother Board :Asus A7V600 (Via KT600)
    OS HD : Maxtor Diamond Max+9 40GB 2MB cache on IDE1
    Sample HD : Maxtor Diamond Max Plus 9 120GB 8MB cache on IDE 2

    OS : Win98se runing Gigastudio v2.20.42
    Sample : PMI Bos290, Wet B290 16-layers extra release patch.

    Loading time :
    One VM DDR 512 333Mhz : 43sec
    One Samsung DDR 512 400Mhz : 38sec

    Well there is a difference, but no so much...
    Maybe just the manufactured quality difference, but not frequency...

    [ QUOTE ]
    I bought a Gigabyte board which allows you to specify different speeds for your main FSB and memory speeds.

    [/ QUOTE ]
    So it seems possible to \'synchronise\' or \'unsyncronise\' the FSB and RAM frequency...

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    Re: FSB and RAM ?


    In a best case scenario, it is best to have you Ram and FSB set at the same speed.

    This way they do not cancel each other out with different requests.

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    Re: FSB and RAM ?

    Just a note, Bassman if your FSB exceeds the speed of your Ram there wont be any problems. Ex. 800mhz Fsb, and 400 Ram should do just fine. Anyone else want to confirm?.

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