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Topic: Difference between Bosendorfer 290-Imperial Grand?

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    Difference between Bosendorfer 290-Imperial Grand?

    HI, it seems i have been badly mistaken. I was asking around if somebody had the Bosendorfer 290 piano library for sale but it\'s to my understanding that the Bosendorfer Imperial Grand is a different piano library altogether. The one I would like to purchase from somebody is the Imperial Grand!

    By the way, can somebody tell me the difference between the Bosendorfer 290 on the tascam web site and then Bosendorfer Imperial Grand on the Bardstown audio web site??

    Thank you.

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    Re: Difference between Bosendorfer 290-Imperial Grand?

    There are several Bosendorfer libraries out. The Bardstown Imperial Grand is a 290, very powerful and up front. It was recorded in place in a hall, but does not have an enormous amount of \"room\" present in the tone--a fairly dry sound. In fact, I\'ve shortened the release tails because I really like this aspect of it. The Post Bosendorfer 290 is recorded in a very live room, it has two mic perspectives recorded, both very integrated with the room sound.

    There is a Bosendorfer 275 available from EastWest as well, and it is a useful sound as well.

    Try some searches here...these pianos have all been discussed quite a bit, and you can find a lot of info.

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