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Topic: Disapearing notes!

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    Disapearing notes!

    I have a passage where a piano stacatto repeats itself over an over... the problem is that notes are randomly disapearing... Its the exact same phrase copy/pasted... i\'m no where near my polyphony limit, and it makes no difference if I change the Transition settings up or down...

    any clue?

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    Re: Disapearing notes!

    I had such a problem once and I figured out it was my metronom the covered these frequencies(if I remember right, the instrument and the metronom had the same midi channel and notes disappeard, or it was something else with the metronom). Also it is possible that some other midi track covers these notes (make your track solo to see).
    If not, are you sure they disappear? Are they played using the track solo? Check the velocity, too.

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    Re: Disapearing notes!


    It works when soloed.... however its not a matter of the note being inaudible... it quite clearly isent played... thing is Its quite random. Everytime I play the part its a different place a note might diseappear. Sometimes its just once, other times several notes are gone, and again other times all notes are played...

    Its very weird. Also I dont use a metronome during playback.

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    Re: Disapearing notes!

    make sure your metronom is unabeled (it dosn\'t make a sound necessarily). On which sequencer are you? What sound library?
    If it\'s normal when soloed the problem comes from another midi track. Try to find out from which (mute / solo). The strange thing is, that it\'s not always the same note.

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    Re: Disapearing notes!

    Right.. gonna do some experimenting.

    I\'m using Nuendo and all kinds of liberaries.. the pianos in question are the ones included in Sam Trombones... however I also beleive some of my string staccatos do it...

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    Re: Disapearing notes!

    Thanks.. I found the sinner! It was four staccato notes playing over the piano... heres what I dont get--- WHY?

    Why did it affect the track in any way?

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    Re: Disapearing notes!

    Glad I could help.
    Sometimes, theoretically, frequencies can \"destroy\" others (when they are the exact opposite). They will work on some noise reductions (near big highways), using that technique. Maybe that was the case...

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    Re: Disapearing notes!

    Yup. i\'m aware of this technique... but im almot 100% positive that not the case here. Makes little sense that it only should happen sometimes... and the chance that two sounds completely cancel out each other is minimal. The disapearing notes here arent just reduced, they vanish

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    Re: Disapearing notes!


    Its a problem somehow related tomy staccato strings... these tend to disappear from time to time aswell. I\'m wondering if something in my settings might be wrong... MOL for instance. Ive so far only noticed it during short notes...

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