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Topic: Mozart's Symphony no.40 Allegro Molto 1st Draft

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    Mozart\'s Symphony no.40 Allegro Molto 1st Draft

    I was not sure if I should post this first draft (it\'s done in the sense that all the instrument lines have been played in), but I read Jonny\'s comments about Mozart in the \"dissonance\" thread, so I thought that maybe this would entice him to elaborate ;D

    Anyway, here is the link, I hope it sounds reasonably close. I found it especially tricky to get the strings right, as they are very fast in this piece, so I tried layering the short bow and short+sus sections. I would love to know what you guys think or can suggest to help me improve! And remember, before you get too harsh: this was done by a *poor* \"homeless\" person in Southern California (see the OT Trading Spaces thread) [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

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    Re: Mozart\'s Symphony no.40 Allegro Molto 1st Draf

    Well, let me say I am a lover and great fan of Mozart and this is one of my favorites! What struck me right away was your effective use of the short bows, which resulted in the rhythmic structure it so nicely depends on. Am I making any sense?
    Aside from all the technical which I normally leave up to the more versed, it is exceptionally prepared. Very nice indeed. Five *****\'s!

    Now I\'m going to be singing this all day!

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    Re: Mozart\'s Symphony no.40 Allegro Molto 1st Draft

    Very nice! Some finetunings and this is really good.

    So here are some of my subjective impressions:

    -first I thought that the acoustic is nice...but after a while of listening it gets a little bit boxy.

    -at some spots subtle (!) tempo slow downs would make it more vivid

    -in some parts there is a kind of clutter...hard to hear what the single voices do. Dunno how to solve that. Other reverb/pan/track vol perhaps?

    All in all a good job! Great dynamix! Wonderful.

    Did you really play it or adapt a midi file?

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    Re: Mozart\'s Symphony no.40 Allegro Molto 1st Draft

    Greetings PianoMan,
    I listened to it twice with a real great pleasure.
    I found it well balanced, energetic, graceful, detailed.
    In short, as for myself, a very good version of this great piece.

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    Re: Mozart\'s Symphony no.40 Allegro Molto 1st Draft

    Very nice job, especially for it just being a first draft...

    I agree with the previous tempo statement to vary it in a couple of spots, but other than that...

    Nice piece.

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    Re: Mozart\'s Symphony no.40 Allegro Molto 1st Draft

    Could use some tempo adjustments, some parts get a little busy, and maybe the treble could be cut in a few spots.

    Emphasis on \"few\". Overall, this is excellent, especially considering it\'s a draft. Well done, man.

    - Junk

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    Re: Mozart\'s Symphony no.40 Allegro Molto 1st Draft

    Sal - You are making perfect sense, thank you

    GigaLove - I think your impressions are right on. I\'m not sure what to do about the acoustics, I\'m using the Garritan ambience, concert hall 1. Maybe another one of the other presets would be better? I will work on the \"cluttered\" part and add some tempo variations. I played everything myself (not at the actual speed, I admit :P ), using the orchestral score I found online. I also downloaded a decent MIDI version, but only to print out the score of certain instruments using treble and bass clefs (alto clef and non C-instruments confuse me [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img] )

    Sir Belloq - Merci beaucoup!

    Alan - Thanks!

    Junk - Appreciate it!

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    Re: Mozart\'s Symphony no.40 Allegro Molto 1st Draft


    This first draft is extremely good. This has the potential to be a showpiece.

    If you want to send your MIDI file this may be something we may want to help with. There are some techniques that may help the performance, particularly new features we will be adding to the new updates.

    Thanks for sharing this. I really liked what you did.

    Gary Garritan

    PS: You\'re not really a a *poor* \"homeless\" person in Southern California are you?

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