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Topic: GOS with VSampler? Possible?

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    GOS with VSampler? Possible?

    I was glad to read in another thread that GPO users can order GOS at a special crossgrade price. I\'ve been planning to buy GOS anyway, and this deal makes it possible for me to order it sooner than I planned!


    Has anyone tried using GOS with VSampler? How well does it work?

    I have the DXi version of VSampler which came with Sonar 3. I understand it reads sample libraries in Giga format, which I haven\'t tried to do yet. I\'m prepared to get Kontakt or Gigastudio if I need to. I\'m leaning toward Kontakt at this point, but I wanted to wait till GS3 hits the market and read some user reactions before I decide between the two.

    So, should I go ahead and order GOS and try to use it with VSampler? Or should I wait a while until I can decide between Kontakt or Gigastudio? Thanks for your opinions.

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    Re: GOS with VSampler? Possible?

    Hey Dan,
    I have tried using some of my gig files (like GOS) on my vSampler 3 w/ Sonar and the results have been mixed. I\'m not too impressed honestly. I mainly use Vsampler for AKAI or .wav files. Kontakt is rapidly becoming a favorite for using giga files. Myself and \"JWhaley\" plan on convewrting some of GOS to the Kontakt format. Gigastudio likes to hijack computer resources while Konakt works great just as a plug-in. But you\'re right, Gigastudio 3 is looking promising especially as a ReWire device. (If they will ever release it!)
    GOS is fantastic! The performance tool \"Maestro\" is the frosting on the cake! I would definitely make an investment in GOS!!!

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