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Topic: Midioverlan+ questions.

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    Midioverlan+ questions.

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    I just got Midioverlan+, now I need to use it. I have tried alot of different things but it won\'t work!

    Cakewalk 9.0

    Winxp home
    Cakewalk 9.0

    I want to be able to send midi data on 4 different ports so I can use all 4 ports x 16 channels in GS on Pc1. Pc2 will actually be running Cakewalk 9.0 and sending all of the midi data to both pcs. I have cakewalk on Pc1 just incase I need to run that as well to receive midi data from Pc2.

    I have a router and a cable connection, any tips on setting it up would be great. Maybe someone has a setup close to this and could show me the light...lol.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Midioverlan+ questions.

    Hey Adam,
    In the windows control panel, double click the MIDI over lan icon.
    From there, the main panels you need to look at are MIDI to LAN and MIDI from LAN. You just need to click the Enable checkbox next LAN-Out 00, LAN-Out 01, etc on your computer that you want to be sending the MIDI. Then on the one you want to receive, check LAN-in 00, LAN-in 01, etc.

    What kind of problems are you having? Have you gotten this far?

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