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Topic: Deleting a sample lib from browser list

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    Deleting a sample lib from browser list

    Hi all.

    I was trying out a library I got from one of the CDs included with a magazine. The library was in EXS format. It loaded beautifully into Kontakt, but I didn\'t really care for the lib, so I\'m trying to delete it from the browser list, as well as the lower pane. I couldn\'t find anything in the manual other than restricting what type of files to show. I\'ve deleted the entire lib directory from my hard drive, yet it still shows up in the browser. Refresh and QuckSearch Scan don\'t change the results either.
    Any ideas on how to completely remove the lib from the list?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Re: Deleting a sample lib from browser list


    For whatever reason, the PC clock had to roll over to the next date. Once the clock passed midnight, the libs disappeared from the list.

    Why on earth it\'s that way, I don\'t know.


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