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Topic: GOS on Giga32?

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    GOS on Giga32?

    I\'ve been considering buying GOS to supplement my GPO (or is it the other way around?).

    But I only own GigaStudio 32. That is, 32 voices polyphony. Has anyone had success in producing a full string choir with GS32?

    It seems like it should be ok--even with every section divisi a3, that\'s only 15 voices at one time. But will I run into problems with long decays overlapping and stealing voices (especially in fast passages?).


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    Re: GOS on Giga32?

    I suppose technically, you could run GOS in Giga32, but
    <ul type=\"square\">[*]it would be very time-consuming and inefficient[*]it wouldn\'t be practical.[/list]
    32 voices is not a real lot when you consider the size of an entire string section. If you can content yourself with only writing small string parts, then fine. But you would be limiting yourself dearly. Go for Giga160, you\'ll be much happier. Aside from the obvious plusses, you get a <font color=\"red\"> MAJOR </font> increase in workflow. Having an efficient, smooth, consistent, and worry-free workflow is essential.

    And don\'t think you\'re going to \"just get GOS\" for gigastudio or \"just use GOS with nothing else.\" Go with giga160 so you\'ll have the ability to use GOS with other libraries, if your heart desires...

    - Junk

    P.S. Yes, I own giga160 and GPO, but no, I do not (YET!) own GOS. I\'m planning on being the 15,593rd poster! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: GOS on Giga32?

    It\'s just that I\'m a poor grad student and can\'t afford to get both at this point. Even upgrading from GS32 to 160 is very expensive.

    Is 32 voices really not enough for the string choir? I realize that a full orchestral string section will have as many as 60 players, but in GOS terms isn\'t that just 5 voices? (V1, V2, Vla, Vcl, CB)? It seems to me that I\'d have to have each section playing in 7-part divisi to exceed 32 voices.

    On paper, 32 voices seems to leave plenty of headroom for a string choir, but am I missing something? Does every note have release samples, a long decay, reverb tail?

    My hope is to run the string section from GS32/GOS, and winds/percussion from GPO.

    ANy thoughts?

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    Re: GOS on Giga32?

    Well, I\'m not sure how GOS works, since I do not own it, but I can tell you this. The longer you let your notes release down to an eventual silence without the sound being chopped off, the more realistic. So yes, release tails will play a big factor in polyphony. Also, think of 32 voices as really only 16, since the notes will likely be stereo (again, not sure if this applies to GOS). If GOS works like this, well, enough said - 16 simply isn\'t enough (especially considering release tails, etc.). Assuming GOS has all mono samples, then you may get your 32, but what if you want to use cross-fading? I\'m not sure if GOS has cross-fading (I\'d bet it does though), but if it does, then you have to compensate for those notes that aren\'t heard. For example, if you have an \'instrument\' that is Espressivo when modwheel is down, and tremolo when mod wheel is up, both layers are always playing, but the modwheel controls the volume. So imagine now you have a cross-faded instrument that is stereo, that\'s 4 voices for one note (2 stereo on each of 2 layers). Now play a simple triad, and you get 12 voices. You\'re max polyphony is nearly chopped in half and all you did was play a triad. It\'s possible to max out giga160 with large string sections. The difference is that with more and more voices, you can write more parts that you can then (if you have to) bounce to audio to ease the polyphony count. With giga32, you\'ll be doing this a lot more than you want to. Also, bouncing to audio in gigastudio isn\'t exactly the most efficient thing in the world (you gotta capture, then edit the wav, then import it back into your sequencer - a pain to do over and over!).

    Err, I have to run. Ride is out front. I hope that helped.

    - Junk

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    Re: GOS on Giga32?

    I have had nothing but problems running gos with giga 32 .I always run out of voices even for a small piece thats why I went with gpo. There is nothing more frustrating than getting very involved in a tune and come up short . Do yourself a favor and go with the 160 .

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    Re: GOS on Giga32?

    Before settling on HALion (mainly because I had selected Cubase SX over Sonar and Logic), I considered Giga 160. But most pundits said that HALion integrated with Cubase SX better and that Giga really likes to have its own (totally dedicated computer) and I was already getting ONE dedicated \"music system\" and reluctant to bit the bullet and get TWO.

    I love my GOS (LITE) coming in through HALion (to Cubase SX). After I got over some of the \"import\" tricks of HALion, I have it all and LOVE it (oh, I said that!).

    The only thing I\'ve not been able to locate is the \"tuning sounds\" mentioned as being on CD 3, but that\'s not a big loss for me.

    [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] kev

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    Re: GOS on Giga32?

    Well I do have Kontakt, so I could use GOS with that, rather than upgrade to Giga 160.

    But I\'ve heard that Maestro Tools only work in Giga. Aren\'t they a pretty crucial part of GOS\'s realism?


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    Re: GOS on Giga32?

    [ QUOTE ]
    Well I do have Kontakt, so I could use GOS with that, rather than upgrade to Giga 160.

    But I\'ve heard that Maestro Tools only work in Giga. Aren\'t they a pretty crucial part of GOS\'s realism?


    [/ QUOTE ]

    You should be able to route Maestro Tools to and from a pair of MIDI tracks, with Kontakt at the end of the chain. Check out the HALion forum for more information on that. It strikes me as though the setup they describe there would work regardless of the sampler instrument used - just that HALion and Kontakt are the only two that can handle the streaming and conversion.

    I use HALion with GOS right now, but got Kontakt several weeks back and have not had time to re-covert them and try them there. What little Giga conversion I\'ve done within Kontakt seems pretty good.

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    Re: GOS on Giga32?

    Those guys/gals using GOS with Halion - which version do you order - AKAI or GIGA? Also how involved is the import process?


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    Re: GOS on Giga32?

    I\'m pretty sure that Halion 1.2 or later imports giga directly, but I could be wrong. It\'s been a while.

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