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Topic: How bad are regular mice for our hands??

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    How bad are regular mice for our hands??

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    I\'ve heard this quite a bit, but is it true?? Do tracking balls make a big difference? Are there any tracking balls out there that are particulary ergonomic or better than others?


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    Re: How bad are regular mice for our hands??

    Ive never liked a trackball, but alot of people swear by them!!

    Anything you can do to eliminate some \'mousing\' is good!!

    #1 - A control surface, not to mention mixing with a mouse just plain SUCKS!!

    #2 - A 5 button mouse, you can set regular functions like copy/paste/undo, etc.

    #3 - Voice command, on my macs i have several voice coomands setup for common functions, at first its odd, but you get use to it, just disable the talkback ;-) that\'s just creepy!

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    Re: How bad are regular mice for our hands??

    I used to draw schematics with a mouse. Nearly ruined my wrist.

    I find the problem to be the rotation of the wrist. If mice were setup to hold like a gun, I\'d be happy. I don\'t like trackballs.

    The best solution for me is the pen and tablet. It\'s not ideal if you go back and forth often between the pen and keyboard, but it\'s not too bad. I maximize my use of keyboard shortcuts. The nice thing with the pen is that the wrist is rotated naturally and the movements are generally made with the large muscles of the upper arm, rather than the small muscles of the wrist. Try drawing big circles with a pencil and you\'ll see what I mean. Using a pen as a pointing device is more like drawing big circles than writing small script.

    I\'ve had good luck with Wacom tablets. Even their cheapest ones work well.

    -Jon Fairhurst

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    Re: How bad are regular mice for our hands??

    I have a mouse that\'s very close to being held like a gun. It\'s the 3m ergonomic mouse. I got it on eBay since you can hardly find it anywhere. It\'s kind of like a joystick, except the stick is fixed. To move the mouse you basically move your arm. I\'ve noticed I can use the mouse way longer than my normal old one before I feel anything at all in my hands or arm.

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    Re: How bad are regular mice for our hands??

    Trackballs slow me down a lot too, but most people like them.

    Anyway, I posted about this a couple of days ago under another subject, but I don\'t believe that regular mice are bad for our hands or any other part of the body as long as they\'re set up correctly. And I feel very strongly that if you\'re going to use them a lot, the correct position is on a desktop, about 1\' in from the front.

    The reason for this is that your forearm becomes the pivot point then, and you\'re not straining your wrist or shoulders. That strain is what causes the problems, not clicking on the button.

    I\'ve discussed this with my dad, who has operated on carpal tunnel syndrome (he\'s a surgeon), and also a chiropractor I visited a couple of times. They both agree with me 100%.

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    Re: How bad are regular mice for our hands??

    Here\'s how I work with the mouse: I have the mouse motion set to the fastest movement and the highest acceleration. Then I rest my hand on the surface, and only manipulate the mouse with finger movements. I don\'t use my wrist, or arm.

    Maybe it\'s bad for my fingers..., nah..


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