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Topic: Any One Using GPO on a G4 466

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    Any One Using GPO on a G4 466


    I would like to get GPO but I am concerned it will not run on My system a G4 466 with 896 ram OS 9.1 and Logic Platinum 6.My system is below the miniumum system requirments but i was thhinkin by using Logics freeze function i might be able to get away with it..

    Any thought or suggestions..

    Thank you

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    Re: Any One Using GPO on a G4 466

    I was going to reply to your [gpo-users] e-mail on this, but got side-tracked, sorry.

    I\'m not incredibly familiar with Mac processors, but you have more RAM than I and that\'s where most of the GPO stuff goes on. Maybe someone with a Mac could try this out for you, or are currently using it now.

    Also, NI might be a better place to go as it\'s their player, not Gary/Tom\'s samples and programming that eat up the processor...

    Wish I could help you out more, [calling all old Mac users...]

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    Re: Any One Using GPO on a G4 466

    I\'m running a 550 mz powerbook G4 with 1 gig ram. I can only load 7 or 8 instruments at one time before I run into CPU problems. Don\'t know about Logic. I use Pro Tools. I load as many instruments as I can, then I record directly to audio tracks. Then I repeat the process. Not great, but it works for the time being.


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    Re: Any One Using GPO on a G4 466

    I tried using GPO with my G3 PWB 400MGHZ with 1GB RAM. I could not even play rapid chords on the Steinway Lite. Since I also owned a G4 Dual 1.25 GHZ with 1.25GB RAM running identical software, it was pretty clear that the processor was the problem. Also you will have to migrate to OSX which will cost you some resource. (I don\'t think there is a version of GPO for OS9)

    I decided to get a second system identical to my primary...now I am happy.

    By the way, for a pretty modest sum($800) you might consider an EMAC with 17 inch flat screen(not LCD), 1GHZ processor and for another $150 or so you could get up to the neighborhood of 1GB RAM This will include a CD burner/DVD player, 56K modem. More details at Apple Web Site.

    Good Luck,


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    Re: Any One Using GPO on a G4 466

    Thank you everyone for your help. I have been using Logic 6 Platinum in OS x. I also used it in OS 9 aswell. I figured If I ran the GPO in OS 9 I d get jsut a little more out of it CPU wise becuase I believe the OS 9 uses less CPU resources the OS X. I would be satisfied working with 7 to 8 instruments at a time. Using Logics Freeze function I could freeze that track and jsut open another instance of the GPO and use another 8 instruments.

    Does any one know if its possible to upgrade the 466 processor to like and 800 or 900 mhz? Would it be more expensive ..lol to replace the processor then the computer?

    Thank you once again for everyones help. Does any one have any gripes with GPO with Logic Platinum ?

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    Re: Any One Using GPO on a G4 466

    One other possibility. Try http://www.powermac.com . You may be able to trade in your G4 466.

    good luck,


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    Re: Any One Using GPO on a G4 466

    there are many posts about the pour performances in term of Cpu of the kontakt player on mac. As Gary said, the new kontakt player should work better on mac so we have to see.
    I don\'t think you could do a lot of things with your mac without freezing. Is up to you i guess: if for your music you can leave working going on freezing it\'s ok, otherwise if you need to have \"more midi\" i would suggest you to look if you can afford to change your mac with a more powerfull one.
    good luck

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    Re: Any One Using GPO on a G4 466

    Serious GPO work on a G4 requires that that computer be maxed out with 2 Gig ram and a processor speed of 1.4gighz (which is the highest you can go with a G4) I had a great deal of difficulty with GPO until I upgraded \"everything\" in the computer including the upgrade to OS 10.3 Panther. It solved most of the problems although it was quite an expense. If you are a dedicated Mac user that is the only way to solve the processor problems. Sorry for the bad news.

    Ira Kraemer

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    Re: Any One Using GPO on a G4 466

    Re: Ira Kraemer

    remember that G4s 1.25 or 1.4 come in dual processor models.


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