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Topic: My 100th Post and Meet the Forum

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    My 100th Post and Meet the Forum

    Hey everyone,

    Well, here it is. My 100th post!

    Styxx, you can go chase your drums now! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

    It seems to me that I don\'t know too much about anyone in here. I spend alot of time on this forum and thought it might be fun to get to know each other a little.

    I know, these things get to be a little dumb, but sometimes they can be pretty neat. (That\'s right, I used the word \"neat\"! Whatcha, gonna do about it?!!) [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]

    So, without further Ado...

    Name: Jonathon Walter Cox

    Nicknames: Jonny, Jon, JW (Like John Wayne, not the dog!)

    Home Town: Nelsonville, Ohio (South-East part of the State, by Parkersburg, WV)

    Age: 25

    Instruments (area of expertise): Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Harmonica, Trombone, Bassoon

    Hobbies: Composing, songwriting, drawing, writing short stories and poetry, film studies, spending time with my wife and paying with my dogs

    Education (if any): Ohio Northern University, Ada, Ohio (Bachelor\'s of Music Composiion, Ohio Universtiy, Athens, Ohio (Masters of Music Composition) Apollo Career Center, Lima, Ohio (Computer Assisted Drafting and Design Certificate)

    Favorite Composers (living or dead): John Williams, Danny Elfman, Mark Snow, Robert Kral, Christophe Beck, Bernard Herrmann, the Newman clan (not Randy though), Rachel Portman, Eliot Goldenthal

    Occupation: Composer/Song Writer, Music teacher

    Favorite TV shows: Smallville, Angel, Star Trek Enterprise, Law and Order, the Simpsons

    Favorite Movies: The Star Wars Saga, Back to the Future Trilogy, The Lord of the Rings

    Brief Biography: Music runs in my family. My paternal grandmother used to play piano for drummer Louis Bellson and my maternal gradparents had their own radio show that was broadcast throughout the nation. They also toured with thier gospel music group, the Blue Canyon Quartet, including my mother and my uncle.

    When I was about 7, my brother got a set of drums for Christmas. When he wasn\'t around, I would pick up his sticks and pretend to play like he did. One day, I sat down behind the set and basically, I have never got ouot of that chair. I taught myself to play the drum set like Lars Ulrich (Metallica)b y the time I was
    9. I then joimed the band and continued my education to the present day. I taought myself to play both the guitar and bass and how to read music.

    I started composing in high school with my best friend and writing partner, Corporal Aaron Lusk of the Unites States Marine Corp. Writing always came easy to me, so it just felt right to follow that as a career path.

    I came to south east Ohio to work with the up and coming directors and producers at Ohio University. I purchased GPO to help me along that aspect.

    OK, there it is. I hope you guys don\'t think this is too corney. If you have any other area to add, go ahead.

    Jonny [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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    Senior Member Styxx's Avatar
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    West Seneca, NY

    Re: My 100th Post and Meet the Forum

    Hey Jonny!
    Do you have any idea how long the street is that I live on! I\'ll never catch up to my drum rolls now!
    Congrats and I don\'t have much to talk about as far as accomplishments. Would love to have done a tenth of what you\'ve accomplished so far at your age. As for me, the days are fewer in front than behind and I would rather forget about 75% of the ones behind me.
    But hey! I feel as if we are old (in your case \"young\") friends now. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: My 100th Post and Meet the Forum

    Hi Jonny,

    It\'s wonderful to know more about you.

    Can\'t believe you\'re 25 and already scored a film!!! All those instruments you play (almost every family) make you a regular one man band. We share some of the same favorite TV show and movies.

    Thanks for posting your 100th and hope you\'ll reach thousands. In your posts you have freely shared your music, talent, expertise, knowledge, and your humor. W am privileged to have you here!

    It\'s people like you that help to enrich this forum.

    Gary Garritan

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    Senior Member Styxx's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    West Seneca, NY

    Re: My 100th Post and Meet the Forum

    I think he should change his name to Jonny \"Found\". What do ya say? [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: My 100th Post and Meet the Forum

    Okay, I\'ll play along...

    Name: Alan Joseph Lastufka

    Nicknames: AJ, Al, Big Gay Al (from the South Park fans [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] )

    Home Town: Born in Milwaukee, WI - moved to Joliet, IL freshman year of High School

    Age: 20

    Instruments (area of expertise): Guitar is the only one I can play in real-time, I can find my way around a piano tune though, slowly...

    Hobbies: Composing, songwriting, drawing, writing short stories and poetry... copy and pasted most of Jonny\'s answer here, but its all true...

    Education (if any): Currently enrolled and on the Dean\'s List at Westwwod College of Technology in DuPage, IL

    Favorite Composers (living or dead): Trent Reznor, Roger Waters, Tori Amos, Kurt Cobain and Danny Elfman.

    Occupation: Special Education teacher for Trinity Services / PT NS moderator [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

    Favorite TV shows: Simpsons, Deadwood, X-Files, Six Feet Under and Pimp My Ride (just kidding...)

    Favorite Movies: How To Kill Your Neighbor\'s Dog, Momento, LOTR trilogy, The Wall and High Fidelity

    Brief Biography: see http://www.fallofautumn.com/bio.php

    Thanks Jonny, hope others post, its always fun reading these kinds of threads...

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    Re: My 100th Post and Meet the Forum

    Here goes nothing

    Name: Joseph Matthew Burrell

    Nicknames: Joe, Matt, Bastard (what my wife calls me), Daddy

    Home Town: Born, raised, and currently in South Carolina

    Age: 23

    Instruments (area of expertise): None-tried the guitar thing, we didn\'t get along. Want to learn piano someday.

    Hobbies: Learning orchestration slowly, GPO, web programming, my novels, my poetry, my family (but only part time though [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] )

    Education (if any): College drop out (Chemistry Major)

    Favorite Composers (living or dead): Yoko Kano, Koji Kondo, Yasunori Mitsuda, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, NIN

    Occupation: Slave for Shell Oil Company/Motiva Enterprises

    Favorite TV shows: Cowboy Bebop, Hellsing, Trigun, Outlaw Star, most anime...

    Favorite Movies: Grave of the Fireflies, Fight Club, Falling Down, The Crow, etc.

    Brief Biography: Just started caring about making my own music about a year ago, so I\'ve got a long way to go. My passion is my poetry and novels. I just got GPO to mess around and have fun, but its slowly becoming a stealer of spare time. So not much to say here really.

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    Re: My 100th Post and Meet the Forum

    Allrighty.... here goes..

    Name: Wolter Henri Ronald Klaren (Ron)

    Nicknames: The Stephdad a.o.

    Home Town: Vroomshoop, The Netherlands

    Age: 34

    Instruments (area of expertise): If \'Mary had a litle lamb\' counts: Piano & Guitar

    Hobbies: Photography, Movies

    Education (if any): MusicTechnology at the School of Arts (HKU)

    Favorite Composers (living or dead): Vivaldi, Wagner, Tchaikovsky, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Bill Brown a.o.

    Occupation: Media Designer (Animation, Video Editing, Directing, Composing... etc.)

    Favorite TV shows: Frasier

    Favorite Movies: La Vita est Bella

    Brief Biography: Born in 69, discovered music when I was about 14, wrote my first gamesoundtrack in the early 90\'s (Battle Squadron on the Amiga), married for allmost 3 years now to my beautifull wife Marie-Louise, proud dad of 8 months old Steph (hence the nick Stephdad) still trying to earn a living doing creative things...

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    Re: My 100th Post and Meet the Forum

    You really don\'t want to hear this from me...

    Name: Mike Kelley

    Nicknames: Grampa, The Mike Kelley (the \"the\" himself).

    Home Town: Carson City, NV (although I grew up in Santa Monica, I\'ve lived in Carson for too many decades not to call it home). Soon to be Lakeland, Florida.

    Age: Older than the hills and twice as dusty.

    Instruments (area of expertise): Um, none. Played first chair violin in high school (but in my high school that weren\'t a distinction), messed around with guitar and keyboards all my life to the point where I can now play absolutely nothing anymore.

    Hobbies: Tennis, photography, video, puppet making, 3D animation, television, theater (directed and appeared in many local stage and television productions -- my license plate is \"DIRECTR\"): jack of all trades and master of literally none. World famous in Carson City.

    Education (if any): B.A. in Communications, UNLV

    Favorite Composers (living or dead): Williams, Howard Shore, Bernard Herman

    Occupation: Programmer Analyst, 30 years now. Ready for retirement in six months.

    Favorite TV shows: Simpsons, Arrested Development, C.S.I, Survivor, any pro sports that doesn\'t involve a baseball or puck.

    Favorite Movies: Top Ten; 10: Aladdin * 9: Godfather * 8: Titanic * 7: Jaws * 6: Terminator 2 * 5: Planes, Trains and Automobiles * 4: 1776 * 3,2,1: LOTR

    Brief Biography: Born a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was always told by all my teachers and professors I would be famous... and made the mistake of believing them. In the meantime I was always performing; dancing (I grew up at a time when all parents believed their child was the next Shirley Temple. Boy or girl, it didn\'t matter and if you don\'t get it you\'re just too young), acting, making music, you name it, I did it. Then I learned I enjoyed being behind the camera much better than in front of it (well, maybe not much better :&gt and tried to make a go as a writer.

    Luckily I found computers before I made any further fool of myself, and have made a living beating up on them for many decades now. Even had my 15 minutes of fame when my software got such writeups and praise I appeared in many issues of Database Monthly (and if you don\'t know... too young again) and was used for the Hubble telescope inventory (no, that\'s not why it went wrong).

    Now I\'m old, cranky, and ready to retire in Florida where I can visit the Mouse every day and swim in the pool and play my creaky game of doubles along with my (still) beautiful wife. The grandkids are invited to come once they\'re housebroken: until then, we\'ll look at them over the webcam.

    http://www.kelleytown.com has many more, equally boring, details.

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    Re: My 100th Post and Meet the Forum

    Well, here GOS [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    Name: Karl Garrett

    Nicknames: None that I can share
    Home Town: Langhorne PA

    Age: 63, going on 36 or is it 36, going on 63? Just can’t remember these things any more.[img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

    Instruments (area of expertise): Classical and jazz guitar (although I haven’t played much jazz for over 40 years), arranging and some composition. Enough piano to know that I should never play for anyone except my wife who, rightly, has little respect for me no matter what my endeavor.

    Hobbies: Cooking, gardening, lounging in my greenhouse, my wife and a nice single-malt scotch by my side, surrounded by orchids and ferns playing Barrios on my guitar or listening to Mozart. Worrying about my son who is leaving in a few months to teach English in China, and ever courting my wife Joani, who actually means more to me than GPO.

    Education (if any): 4 years at Berklee College of Music before it was a “College of Music”, odds and ends of study with a few famous and not so famous guitarists, many courses other than in music, such as courses in horticulture.

    Favorite Composers (living or dead): So, so, many, but to name a couple: Of course the three Bs & a V (maybe four Bs), Chopin, and more modern ones are John Rutter and Charles Ives. As for guitar composers, Sor (kind of the Mozart of the guitar), Tarrega, Barrios (as mentioned above) Andrew York, and Roland Dyens are just a few. So much music so little time.

    Occupation: Privately teach classical guitar and sell a few guitars here at my studio,
    play wedding ceremonies, restaurants, and an occasional concert, occasionally write some music for those who are dumb enough to ask, and run a family greenhouse business where we sell plants a little retail and a little wholesale. My wife says that the reason the we don’t have any money is that I try and turn all my hobbies into business and that I spend too much time playing around, and not enough time seriously trying to get rich. But then again, other than joking around like this she just lets me play my life away with few complaints. What a sweetheart. I don’t deserve her!

    Favorite TV shows: Not much TV since I teach rather late each night, but there are a few occasional shows such as The Simpsons, Iron Chef and the Daily Show.

    Favorite Movies: Unfortunately I don’t get to see too many movies, but I recently enjoyed Lost in Translation, Bad Santa, and The Lady Killers. These are by no means great movies, but I use movies for an escape from news of war and … too much listening to NPR. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    Brief Biography: Spent most of my youth in a private school that I hated, but when I was eight I heard my first Segovia concert and was hooked on the guitar. Played in bars and such as early as 15. Was the envy of my high school friends because I always had some money. The old “money for nothing and your chicks for free” thing. Went for two years to college as an English major. Hated it! When a newspaper editor asked me if I had written a million words, to see if I perhaps really wanted to be a writer, I had to tell him ‘no but I’m sure I’ve played a million notes.” It was then, that I packed my bags and headed for Berklee to find out if what I was playing was really worthwhile. Started teaching for extra money while attending Berklee. Fell in love with sharing the little I knew and haven’t stopped since.

    While playing in the LA area, I met the girl who was to become my wife now for 34 years next Monday. Time has flown by since then and so I’ll let this part of the post also fly by. Only to say there is our son John, 26, who in a couple of months will be in China for at least a year. Who knows, maybe someday we will have a little Chinese granddaughter.

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    Decatur Illinois

    Re: My 100th Post and Meet the Forum

    Nice to meet you all. My last screen name was EagleHVAC but that job is gone now so I\'m just using my real name for my log-in. No current nicknames although my dad used to call me \"flash\" in a rather sarcastic manner. You know, \"Way to go flash\".

    Hometown: Decatur Illinois

    Age: 35

    Instrument of choice: Keyboards for about twenty years. Little guitar. Wish I could sing but wouldnt want to put my family through the torture of me learning (or not learning)

    Hobbies: Writing film type music and sometimes being in rock bands. No bands this year but I\'ll probably give in to the itch to play live again soon.

    Education: Just a few college classes.

    Favorite composers: Ther are too many to love on this planet but my napster files (legal ones) lean towards Elfman (especially Edward Scissor Hands), Zimmer, Williams. I also love the classic composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Tchaikowski, Vivaldi. In june I\'m going to see my favorite rock band, Rush, in St Louis. Van Hagar is a close second.

    Occupation: Heating and Air-conditioning installer/serviceman/salesman. It\'s a living

    Favorite TV: Friends (sorry about that), ER, Scrubs, Simpsons.

    Favorite Movies: LOTR, Contact, Orphans, Dumb and Dumber, anything that will provoke serious emotion.

    Brief Biography: Married for 14 years now with a twelve year old son. My brother inspired me to be a musician with his incredible guitar playing when he was in highschool. He is 5 years older than myself. I started playing after my mom remarried to my stepdad who had an ebony baby grand in his living room. I then proceded to learn all the Journey, Chicago, and Survivor that I could. It wasnt till I was about 25 that I got in my first rock band and have been in a few since then in the past ten years. I just recently got interested in doing film music when an old friend of mine mentioned that he was going to be trying to sell a screenplay to be produced. It\'s been a few years and I\'ve come a long way with I hope about another 50 or more years of learning ahead. My dad helps the process by taking me to all the Illinois Symphony chamber concerts. It has been an invaluable experience in learning the different parts of an orchestra and how they work to produce the beauty that they do. I\'d love to score a film but I\'ll be quite happy to release a cd sometime this year for my friends and family.

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