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Topic: GPO Symphony

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    GPO Symphony

    hello all members, hello gary, hello tom,

    what do you think about a GPO symphony?
    Every composer on this board, who wants, could write a short piece of music (max 3 minutes),
    and combine this to our own symphony.
    This could be a nice joke, and a very expressive and multistylistic work.

    Please think about it.


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    Re: GPO Symphony

    I dunno... there are a lot of different styles of music here, and symphonies tend to be of the same style throughout the performance.

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    Re: GPO Symphony

    This could be an interesting experiment.

    There may need to be some guidelines regarding key, style and meter. 3 minutes may be long since 100 contributers would make the work 5 hours. Contributing melodies and themes that are blended together by an orchestrator may work. What do others think of this idea?

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GPO Symphony

    I agree with Gary... if things were moderated, it could work. What say we could maybe \"assign\" five folks to collaborate per piece?

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    Re: GPO Symphony

    This seems vaguely familiar. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO Symphony

    \"Whoa, de ja vu!\"

    There may be a glich in the matrix!!


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    Re: GPO Symphony

    How about instead of a symphony, we make it a tapestry or collage. This way the stylistic differences are not only acceptable, but expected.

    Better yet, why don\'t we come up with an image, scene, or idea, and each write a short piece inspired-by, illustrative-of, or just evocative-of that image, scene, or idea. Michael Colgrass has a piece entitled \"As Quiet As,\" where he asked a class of 4th graders to make a list of words/images that would finish the phrase \"As Quiet as _________.\" He then wrote a composition with multiple movements based on their answers (\"As quiet as an ant walking\" \"As Quiet as Time Passing,\" etc.)

    There should be a standard instrumentation, and very specific guidelines for mixing down and mastering, so that the different \"movements\" all have consistent levels, reverb, EQ etc. throughout. Maybe we could all mix ours down to WAV and send them to ONE person with engineering chops and good equipment who can master them all equally.

    Just a thought,

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    Re: GPO Symphony

    This sounds so cool!!!! I can see it now!

    Playing at the Hollywood Bowl:
    \"The Potpourri Symphony, Opus 1\" Gary Garritan, Conductor

    Really all kidding aside, I think it could be a truly great thing. It might not rival Beethoven and may never appear at the Hollywood Bowl, but it is sure to be a grand hit at the GPO convention in Italy!

    I would love to see a \"daisy chain\" where one person begins the piece (1 minute max) and upon a 2 or 3 day writing spree passes the midi file on to the next in the chain. It will be the responsibility of the next person to wiggle out of the theme, key, etc of the person before and still only contribute no more than 1 minute of material. People could sign up on a first-come-first-serve fashion, have a schedule issued in advance as to when it is your turn to write, to participate you must be willing to perform under the guidelines set by the forum, failure to meet the schedule the music will pass to the next person in line.

    Only other thoughts, the movements could be broken down by the major sequencers and notation programs. First - third movements could be from Cubasis, Sonar, and Logic, the Fourth from Overture/Finale/Sibelius (just a thought) - it would help keep the formats uniform for the various users.

    I would really enjoy what ever you all may come up with and think it would be a great way to pool talents and learn from this new Music Form!


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    Re: GPO Symphony

    [ QUOTE ]

    would make the work 5 hours.
    Gary Garritan

    [/ QUOTE ]o be s

    Sounds like a good project for Phillip Glass

    Ira Kraemer

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    Re: GPO Symphony

    He.... this is cool.... count me in.... I may not have the talent that some people on this forum have.... but I sure would like to try !


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