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Topic: upgrade question Kontakt/GPO to ?

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    upgrade question Kontakt/GPO to ?

    Tried a search but couldn\'t find anything related so:
    I have Kontakt player which came with Garritan PO. Can I upgrade to Kompakt (which has DFD as I understand) or do I need to go to the full version of Kontakt? Trying to minimize the bucks spent plus no real need for programming.

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    Re: upgrade question Kontakt/GPO to ?

    I believe you need to upgrade to the full version of Kontakt. GPO uses programming features available in Kontakt that aren\'t available in Kompakt. Maybe more memory would help. I have 2 gig in my machine, and that pretty much covers most of what you\'d render with GPO at one time. I upgraded to the full version of Kontakt for an additional piano library and the Scarbee keyboard libraries (they are fantastic, BTW), so I have DFD enabled as they really don\'t fit in 2 gig. My personal opinion is that GPO works way better in memory than under DFD, so if you don\'t really need the full Kontakt, stick with the player and get more memory. Hope this helps.

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