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Topic: Automating the Kontakt Player (GPO) in Logic

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    Automating the Kontakt Player (GPO) in Logic

    I went to draw some automation for an instance of the Garritan Personal Orchestra and was dismayed to see that the only available parameters in track automation were volume, pan, solo, mute and insert#1 bypass. No control over any of the specific Kontakt player controls whatsoever...

    Specifically I wanted to draw automation for the mod wheel (which controls volume in the GPO) but other uses will arise I\'m certain; I can activate HyperDraw and do it that way, but is that the best/only way to automate MIDI controller data for Kontakt player?

    (I\'m assuming that this is a fault of the Kontakt player itself, and not AU instruments in general - Crystal provides the full featureset in the track automation flip menu.)

    Logic Audio Pro 6.4.1
    PowerMac G4 933MHz
    OS X 10.3.3
    1 GB RAM
    MOTU 828mkII
    - driver v1.09
    - CueMix v1.4

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    Re: Automating the Kontakt Player (GPO) in Logic

    I am afraid your statement is correct.


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