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Topic: What are your "desert island" soundtracks and why?

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    What are your \"desert island\" soundtracks and why?

    As I\'ve mentioned in another thread, my collection of soundtracks is pretty sparse, so my purpose in this thread is to get some ideas for what I should add to my collection.

    So - what (say) five soundtrack CDs would you consider the essential ones in any collection - and why?


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    Re: What are your \"desert island\" soundtracks and why?

    1 - Once upon a time in America by Ennio Morricone

    2 - Angela\'s Ashes by John Williams

    3 - Sea Hawk by Eric Korngold


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    Re: What are your \"desert island\" soundtracks and why?

    Anything from John Williams, especialy Schindler\'s List
    Gladiator OST by Lisa Gerard and Hans Zimmer


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    Re: What are your \"desert island\" soundtracks and why?

    I\'ll take a crack at this one.

    In order:

    <ul type=\"square\"> 1. <font color=\"blue\"> Edward Scissor Hands </font> - Without a doubt, this is my favorite. Aside from being a sucker for movies that slant on the verge of fairy-tale, the Ice Dance theme, as well as the scene - Edward carving up an ice sculpture and Kim dancing in the snow - are beautiful. The rest of the score is typical Mr. Elfman material (which I love).

    2. <font color=\"blue\"> Gladiator </font> - \"Gladiator? I\'m not glad he ate her!\" .. yea, stupid. I know - my friends and I are stupid so it\'s on our level. Anyways, the score in this one is Mr. Zimmer\'s best (in my very humblest of opinions).

    3. <font color=\"blue\"> Star wars? </font> - This can be extended to all of John Williams. Which is why it\'s 3rd - I couldn\'t get myself to place him above individual soundtracks. I don\'t need to say anything else here, the name speaks for itself.

    4. <font color=\"blue\"> X2 </font> - You know, Ottman\'s music in X2 really moved me. I\'m not even sure I know why, but I really loved it. His themes seem very imaginative, well thought out, and they flow so beautifully.

    5. <font color=\"blue\"> Lord of the Rings </font> - How could this NOT be up here. Enough said about this one![/list]

    I hope that helped. That was my list of top 5 soundtracks right now [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    - Junk

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    Re: What are your \"desert island\" soundtracks and why?

    My five favorites (no particular order) - listen to them all the time:

    - Crimson Tide - Hans Zimmer (great horn, percussion, male chorus arrangements)
    - Time Machine - Klaus Badelt (the ethnic vocal arrangements are very unique)
    - Pirates of the Caribbean – Klaus Badelt
    - Jurassic Park- John Williams (what can I say, it’s John Williams)
    - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring – Howard Shore (still like the first of the trilogy the best)

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    Re: What are your \"desert island\" soundtracks and

    Okay, I\'ll mention someone no one else has -- John Barry.

    Yep, I grew up with the \"original\" Bond films, and those soundtracks are still my most beloved. And now that most of them have been rereleased with nearly all of the musical cues restored, they are a true pleasure:

    1) OHMSS -- best Bond film, best Bond soundtrack
    2) Thunderball -- Terrific and restored with 100% more material
    3) Diamonds are Forever -- Stinky movie, great soundtrack
    4) Goldfinger -- Not much extra material, but great sound
    5) From Russia With Love -- No extra material, sadly, but interesting variety of percussive and exotic instruments

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    Re: What are your \"desert island\" soundtracks and

    Agatha (Johnny Mandel) - he is the best string arranger - wonderful melodrama stuff.

    Gattaca (Michael Nyman) - I hated The Piano, but this one is much better - very hypnotic.

    Bride Of Frankenstein (Franz Waxman) - very dramatic with use of Theramin (or I think that\'s what it is!)

    Anatomy Of A Murder (Duke Ellington) - big band score that works really well.

    Any \"Carry On...\" Films with music by Eric Rogers - this is comedy slapstick scoring at it\'s best.

    It\'s really hard to choose the 5 best - there are loads more I had to leave out. But these represent a broad range of styles.

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    Re: What are your \"desert island\" soundtracks and why?

    Okay, I\'ll play too.

    1. \"Ben Hur\" Miklos Rozsa

    2. \"Jason and the Argonauts\" Bernard Herrmann

    3. \"Mysterious Island\" Bernard Herrmann

    4. \"Greatest Story Ever Told\" Alfred Newmann

    5. \"Lifeforce\" Henry Mancini

    6. \"Star Trek-The Motion Picture\" Jerry Goldsmith

    7. \"The Final Conflict\" Jerry Goldsmith

    8. \"The Satan Bug\" Jerry Goldsmith

    9. ALL Star Wars scores-- John Williams

    10. \"The Big Country\" Jerome Moross

    11. \"Fantastic Voyage\" Leonard Rosenman

    12. \"Fahrenhite 451\" Bernard Herrmann

    13. \"A Patch of Blue\" Jerry Goldsmith

    14. \"Flesh and Blood\" Basil Pouledoris

    15. \"Planet of the Apes\" Jerry Goldsmith

    16. \"Lord of the Rings\" (ALL three) Howard Shore

    17. \"The Fly II\" Christopher Young

    18. \"Taxi Driver\" Bernard Herrmann

    19. \"The Egyptian\" Alfred Newman with Bernard Herrmann

    20. \"Jaws II\" John Williams

    Beyond that, most all television scores for 1960s shows, especially \"Twilight Zone\" and \"Outer Limits\" (first season only!).

    There is much, much, much else to mention, but this list would give one a proper picture of the art of filmscoring.

    And Christopher Stone\'s scores as he pioneered the use of sampled orchestras in Hollywood.

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    Re: What are your \"desert island\" soundtracks and why?

    \"The Good, The Bad and the Ugly\" by Ennio Morricone -innovation
    \"The Virgin Suicides\" by Air -modernism meets the right amount of 70\'s cool
    \"Blade Runner\" by Vangelis -texture texture and more texture
    \"Conan The Barbarian\" by Basil Poledouris -you gotta have some of that \"Carmina Burana\" type stuff
    \"Mishima\" by Philip Glass -interesting strings, percussion and composition

    I would also agree that Gataca and Taxi Driver are both great sound tracks, but I actually try not to listen to sound tracks for movies that I like as much as those because I don\'t want to get burned out. It\'s important to me that they remain fresh and powerful every time I watch the film. If you like 70\'s soundtrack stuff, you might find the soundtracks for the \"Cowboy Bebop\" series by Yoko Kano interesting, a lot of variety for a single composer.

    Of course Jhon Williams and Jhon Barry are both great. Randy and Danny keep getting better and better. If you are interested in talking about what works best with the film and not just what sounds good on it\'s own then your opening up a whole other can of worms, For example take the soundtrack for Halloween by John Carpender (who also directed it) it\'s probably not something I would listen to on it\'s own, but it complemented the film fantastically.

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    Re: What are your \"desert island\" soundtracks and why?

    In no particular order:

    1. Spirited Away

    2. Once upon a time in America

    3. Schindler\'s List

    4. Harry Potter: Sorcerer\'s Stone

    5. Jurassic Park: 1, 2

    6. Star Wars: Episode 1

    7. Mission: Impossible

    8. The Mission

    9. More recently, \"The RZA\".. Kill Bill rules!

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