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Topic: Balance of instruments in your template

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    Balance of instruments in your template

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    I\'m creating a template for my orchestra setup, and have just started using it on some pieces.
    I\'m wondering about the balance of the instruments. I\'m trying to set them in the template so that I don\'t have to worry about doing this when I\'m writing. Is this possible? Or do you always find yourself adjusting the levels anyway? And if you do, isn\'t that a sign of bad orchestration? I\'ve been working on two different pieces, and the levels for one piece don\'t quite work for the other one, though they are pretty close.

    I\'m also wondering how they do it when they record a real orchestra. If everything is orchestrated right, they shouldn\'t have to adjust levels during a recording session right?

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    Re: Balance of instruments in your template

    Thanks Ernstinen
    I have a pretty big template, with like 40 audio tracks. I got 67 midi tracks, each controlling at least 4 midi channels each, so 250+ midi channels! Needless to say, it\'s taking a long time to get all the levels right, but I\'m pretty close. I got FX teleport on 2 servers.

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