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Topic: Using Mac and GPO (OSX)

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    Using Mac and GPO (OSX)

    After trying out GPO for the last few days, my sense is that this program is not as far developed for MAC, or at least with Digi 002r. I hope I am wrong.

    Firstly, many of the included apps are PC only. You dont get a notation and sequencer program included if you are a MAC user.

    Secondly, I tried using it as an RTAS plug-in (PT LE) with an existing session and it just would not work. Huge latency, and volume would be erratic, rising and falling randomly, weird scrren redraw, pop-up issues.(it was a session with only 1 stereo audio track and 2 Midi tracks)

    After looking in the manual, it says \"Be sure your hardware is set to 16 bit, otherwise you will have poor performance.\"....?!?

    I tried a new 16 bit session and it worked better, but after adding four voices, I was getting very noticeable clicks at the beginning of every note.

    So it worked better in 16 bit, but I was a bit (pun intended) surprised to read that you need to have a session in 16 bit! Who today is still recording in 16 bit? Not many I would think. Any way, unless I am creating a sound track with two or three voices, I don\'t think I will really be able to use this program.

    Please tell me I am wrong!
    Maybe The new Version of the player will be better?

    I did uptate to the latest Kontack Player Version
    Mac OSX 10.3.3
    PT 6.4
    MAC Dual 1.25 G4
    1 Gig of Ram

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    Re: Not Quite Ready for Prime Time? (OSX)

    I\'m also a mac user and as discussed a lot of times it\'s clear that the performances on mac are not so good then on pc, but a new version of the kontakt player is under test and Gary says it would have a better performance on mac.
    Now, there is clearly something \"wrong\" in your setup. I succeded in running 17 instances on a powerbook 1.25 so you must have something wrong.
    There is a page on the Garritan website when there are answers to common problems, check it otherwise send i\'m an email and as always i would be happy to help you.

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    Re: Not Quite Ready for Prime Time? (OSX)

    and, check the overture file in the fourth cd, there is the mac version of it, i\'m using it!

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    Re: Using Mac and GPO (OSX)


    As a point of correction, the Overture notation is included for MAC and GPO Studio is also included for Mac. Cubasis VST 4.0 was only written for PC by Steinberg, but they are working on a Mac release which we hope to include in future versions.

    The reason we recommend you set the hardware to 16 bit is because the samples are 16 bit and you gain nothing by setting the hardware to work double-time. You double the RAM requirement. Also, if you set it to 32 bit you may get clocking issues with the Digi hardware.

    Many with OSX are getting very good results. ProTools systems rely upon the Digidesign hardware and is optimized for audio mixing rather than sequencing. How ready it is may have to do with your Digi hardware and settings. According to Native Instruments the upcoming player has enhancement that will improve performance with ProTools.

    Why don\'t you try contacting us and we will do what we can to help you with your performance.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Not Quite Ready for Prime Time? (OSX)

    Hi Gary:

    Thanks for your reply.

    The 16 bit thing stumps me a little though. Most of my sessions include a voice or acoustic intrument recorded at 24 bit (standard) So I cannot use GPO as an RTAS Plug-in in those type of sessions.

    I have spent quite a bit of time reading about tweaking, set-up, etc and I can\'t get it to work smoothly yet, while many other programs I use (Finale, Pro Tools, Spectrasonics, Autotune, Reason, Waves etc) just \"load and go.\"

    This is my point. The concept of the program is brilliant and the sounds are fantastic. Considering buying a PC for it actually.

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    Re: Not Quite Ready for Prime Time? (OSX)


    You\'re not really in Dubai? Even if so, PM me your number and I\'ll call and see if we can things running better for you. Also, you may want to try using GPO Studio with your Finale. I know there are others with ProTools sytems on this forum who I hope could offer some suggestions.

    Before you go out an buy a PC let\'s try to get this working better for you.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Not Quite Ready for Prime Time? (OSX)

    Yup, I am in Dubai.

    And many thanks for your offer to call me. How many products in the world will you have the Producer of the product respond to your post in 10 minutes, then respond to your reply in ten minutes and offer to call you to get things working?

    Ummm, the answer to that would be \"Zero\".

    I have a three day weekend coming up and my time will be spent playing around with this program. I\'ll probably have a better idea of what to ask you, better description of problems and whatnot.

    The problem with Finale (of course) is that you have nowhere near the sequencing features as with Digital Performer or ProTools.

    How I mostly would like to use it is as a RTAS soft synth, with other audio tracks, midi tracks in a session. The sounds are just awesome! Way better than my Triton Studio and XV 5080.

    I\'ll continue to work with it, and then maybe take you up on your \"extremely\" generous offer.

    Thanks again

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    Re: Using Mac and GPO (OSX)

    I\'m running GPO & Pro Tools LE on a much slower computer (550 mhz, 1 gig ram, OSX 10.2.6) and haven\'t had any of the problems you describe. (no clicks, erratic volume, weird screen redraws). Currently my CPU is limiting me to 7 or 8 midi tracks at a time, but I just bus those to audio tracks and start layering again. I ended up with 30 audio tracks on my last project. Make sure you\'re running the GPO RTAS plugin on an AUX track.

    Here\'s a link to the GPO/ProTools tutorial created by Digigirl:

    Good Luck,

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    Re: Using Mac and GPO (OSX)

    Well, I have been experimenting more with GPO, and have decided to momentarily look beyond an anoying problem, which is a clicking sound at the beginning of certain patches.

    So I loaded up three intances of GPO Multis (for a total of 20 voices) and it seemed to work fine, except for the clicking sound at the beginning of certain voices, particularly woodwinds, and especially flute, more so when I play fast notes.

    This happened to be the first patch I loaded and it even did it when it was the only voice loaded, so I don\'t think it is a RAM/CPU issue.

    If I could solve this problem, I think I would be in GPO heaven like everybody else. Any ideas as to why it is doing it?

    I am on Aux tracks, within Pro Tools (RTAS)

    I have done a search for \"clicks, clicking\" but come up with 100 returns referring to mouse click(ing)

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    Re: Using Mac and GPO (OSX)

    The woodwinds are solo patches with only one voice, if you have more than one voice playing at a time you will get clicking. The work around for this is to insert a legato/sustain message into your sequencer/notation software allowing the sound to slur from one voice to the other or you can increase the polyphony of the patch by selecting it and typing in a value on the kontakt player. You can also load the ensemble instruments which allows 4 voices per patch.

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