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Topic: Alternating Bowstrokes for Section Strings?

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    Alternating Bowstrokes for Section Strings?

    Does the Alternating Bowstrokes by pedal switching feature work for any of the Section Strings, or is this just for Solo and Ens?

    Does the Var1 feature apply to any of the Section Strings?

    Thank you

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    Re: Alternating Bowstrokes for Section Strings?


    The alternation feature in the strings is intended to be used with just the Solo and Ens instruments. Technically speaking, you could use pedaling with the Sustain-Short instruments as you would the solo/Ens strings but the section string construction isn’t optimized for that purpose. I would suggest layering solo/Ens instruments with the section instruments when bow stroke choices are needed. The next update of the library will include greatly enhanced section short bows with keyswitched bow stroke choices.

    On the subject of VAR and the section strings, I posted this sometime ago in response to a similar question:

    VAR 1 and VAR 2 were left out of the string section instruments because variations in intonation and timbre are characteristics of individual performance (solo and Ens instruments). Sections of musicians don’t change intonation and timbre in identical (fashion and amount) from note to note and the presence of this kind of “unison” change sounded distinctly artificial in development tests - many decisions were made based on actual test results like these. In a real section of musicians there are many changes in intonation and timbre but it’s different for each individual in the section even though everyone may be gravitating in the same direction. Anyway, having said that, variability could be added in the future (it can always be ignored if the results sound unnatural).


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