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Topic: Overture : any way to loop a part of the piece ??

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    Overture : any way to loop a part of the piece ??

    I gradually discover Overture for writing with GPO, and it must said that, used with GPO Studio, it\'s a very good notation package.
    Yet, I tried to find a very basic feature, both in the online help, and in the pdf manual, but nada :
    how can one loop just a few measures of the piece, in order to listen carefully and repeatedly, so that one can more easily find where corrections are needed ?
    I really tried to find this, and I\'m now afraid that this -very handy- function may be not present in this software.
    Am I wrong ?
    Any help will be appreciated !

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    Re: Overture : any way to loop a part of the piece ??

    I haven\'t used Overture because I have Finale, but... what I do in Finale is put in \"repeats\". It should be one of the Measure Tools that allows you to do this. It will draw in a repeat sign in the manuscript, you set where it repeats from, and there is your \"ghetto\" looping function.

    Notation programs aren\'t like Acid or Live, they really aren\'t meant for loop based music, which is why you have to fake the loop by doing the above. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Overture : any way to loop a part of the piece ??

    Drag the transport window off its dock on the top of the screen (it\'s the VCR controls). Position the cursor on the measure where you want the loop to start, and click the downward pointing arrow on the left (start). Then position the cursor where you want the loop to end and press the upward arrow (end). Then press the down/up arrow button on the right side of the measure numbers, so that it stays depressed. Now, whenever you click the play button (not the play from beginning), it will start at the begin measure. Unfortunately, it does not loop back automatically, but if you hit the stop button and then play again, it will start back at the beginning of the loop. Those buttons are actually used for punch in and out recording, but it does work for playback as well. That is why it doesn\'t stop and loop automatically.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Overture : any way to loop a part of the piece

    Right-click anywhere within the final measure of the phrase you wish to repeat. In the pop-up menu, select \"Barline Type,\" then \"End Repeat.\" Click anywhere in the same measure to insert the repeat barline. Double-click on the repeat barline to invoke the \"Repeat Setting\" dialog box, then enter the number of times you want the music to repeat.

    If the phrase is in the middle of your piece, you\'ll also need to insert a \"Start Repeat\" barline. Right-click on the initial measure of the repeated passage, select \"Barline Type,\" then \"Start Repeat.\" Click anywhere in the measure to insert the new barline at the beginning of the measure.

    Make sure you reselect the \"Standard\" barline after inserting the repeat barlines, lest you insert repeat barlines in every measure that you click.


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    Re: Overture : any way to loop a part of the piece

    Thanks to all,
    it seems that there are workarounds to replace a real loop feature.
    Alan, I cannot agree with you remark about Notation programs not being \"really meant for loop based music\" : I mean, loop based music is surely not the goal, but the loop would be just a means to listen acurately to some parts of the song, and edit them on the fly.
    So, IMO a true built in \"cycle\" would be a great plus in this kind of softwares, at least for the less talented like myself, who have a hard time hearing the music just by reading 3 or 4 staves at once !

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    Re: Overture : any way to loop a part of the piece

    Oh, I agree it would be a great function, and it sounds like Overture has it if I read the above correctly, I just meant it wasn\'t their goal, like, say Acid or Live, for the end user to be creating loop based music... trust me, I get tired of always having to insert repeat measures and deleting them afterwords... thankfully I am using notation software less and less as I learn to read the key editor better, and I can just set the loop points in Cubase for the key editor...

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