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Topic: GigaPulse question

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    GigaPulse question

    Sorry but here\'s old no techy again.

    How do we use this wonderful piece of kit?
    Say you have a multi Giga setup can someone please explain how GigaPulse can be used with such a system? Will it be necessary to have five GigaPulses or can it be used a giant effects unit, processing all of the separate outputs of the five Gigas? If this is the case, how would such a setup be arranged?

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    Re: GigaPulse question

    If you already have the GigaStudio, just look at how the built in effects work there. Same thing with GigaPulse in 3.0. You can insert an instance of GigaPulse on individual channels of the DSP mixer or put it on an aux bus and send various channels to that to save DSP power. So, at least for Giga 3.0, each Giga machine will have its own built in GigaPulse and you should be able to get a few instances going in each machine. Also, for the serious power users, they can get a GSIF-2 compatible audio card and use stand alone Giga machines for nothing but processing and do just what you said, run their sample playback Giga machines (or Kontakt, synths, audio tracks whatever) in and out of these machines.

    The other option is the stand alone VST plugin version of GigaPulse. That is just used like any other VST effects. Lots of options there.


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