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Topic: New user!

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    New user!

    Hello everyone,

    First, let me thank you guys for such an inspiring forum. Even though I am an absolute beginner in this, I can only assume there are almost no limits to digital music creation nowadays.

    I have been trying really hard to understand how to set up cubase to start experimenting with it. Read Alan Lastufka\'s tutorial, but I don\'t seem to be able to get my GPO on the dropdown menu of VST instruments. It is just not there.

    Did I miss something? Do I need to import it? When I try GPO as a stand alone, it works fine. I did have a few problems with an earlier version my sound cards\' drivers, but now it works fine.

    Also, I have been reading quite extensively regarding notation software\'s playing capabilities. It seems that Sibelius is not favoured at all, although I absolutely find it an amazing piece of software for notation.

    Since this is going to be a long learning process, do you recommend I try my way with sequencing? Or is it just as good with one of the notation software\'s plug-ins. I am only interested in classical rep.

    Windows XP Home Edition
    PIV 3.0 Gz
    1 GB RAM
    120 MB
    M-Audio Audiophile 2496

    Thank you so much,


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    Re: New user!

    If you\'re using Cubase or Nuendo, it might be that the GPO VST dll is not in the proper folder. Make sure it\'s in the Cubase/Nuendo VST folder and you\'ll then be able to see it.

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    Re: New user!


    Wow! That was fast. Thank you for the answer. I found it now and I\'m ready to start playing with the sequencer.


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    Re: New user!

    Hey Rodolfo,
    Welcome to GPO and the forum! No matter what your concern here with anything having to do with the digital world (and some) this is the place to be. I consider it my home away from home and darn lucky to be here!
    So, pull up those controller keys and get programming your music! We love to hear your compositions.
    Your in good hands here.

    Whats even nicer is you get to talk to the professor and Marianne once in a while. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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