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Topic: Squeaky Keyboard

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    Squeaky Keyboard

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    I\'ve got a Kurzweil PC-88 MIDI controller that squeaks. Does anybody here know the best remedy? It\'s a Fatar keyboard inside. As I recall it has a bunch of white nylon plastic parts for each key that slip onto a smooth metal rod. I think the nylon bits are squeaking against one another.

    So, do I just lather them in graphite, or is there a better lubricant for this application? Will enough lubricant get into the mechanism, or do I need to disassemble the lot.

    Thanks to those with answers!

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    Re: Squeaky Keyboard

    It\'s my fault. I was in the neighborhood, and decided to express my disrespect of your keyboard.

    It\'s been a while since I had my keyboard apart, but I\'ve never heard a squeak from nylon on nylon. Someone with greater experience in nylon matters hadn\'t either, but he had heard them from nylon on steel. Moly is the preferred lubricant, but I\'d check with someone else first.

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    Re: Squeaky Keyboard

    Yeah, it could very well be the nylon on the steel bar that\'s causing the ruckus. Either I\'d need to disassemble it, or I\'d need to use some very fine liquid lube to get it in there.

    Now, where\'s that can of WD40?...

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    Re: Squeaky Keyboard

    [ QUOTE ]
    It\'s my fault. I was in the neighborhood, and decided to express my disrespect of your keyboard.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Still awake I see....as I feared. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Squeaky Keyboard

    I have a PC-88 which developed the same problem.
    The fix was to take it into a local music store. I think they did a lube job of some kind on it. It\'s been a couple of years since then and it is still pretty quiet.
    Ralph Olstad

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    Re: Squeaky Keyboard

    Thanks Ralph,

    I\'ll plan on brining mine in. I\'ll get the battery replaced at the same time.

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    Re: Squeaky Keyboard

    Well... I brought my PC88 into Keyboard Engineering in Portland with three goals:

    1) Replace the battery
    2) Fix a broken weight
    3) Remove the squeek

    The battery is no problem. Parts cost is under $10.

    It turns out that to fix the broken weight, they have to replace the whole row, of which there are three (I think). The tech tells me that they have upgraded the plastic three times over the past decade, and the latest upgrade is much less prone to failure. (I hope so!) He called just before opening it up, and mentioned that I will probably have other weight supports with small cracks. I seem to remember this from when I last looked inside.

    Anyway, I\'ll upgrade the whole thing. It\'ll cost just under three bills.

    Oh yeah, replacing the weights and plastics will get rid of the squeeks. There is no lubrication used in these keyboards.

    I\'m looking forward to picking up my refurbished \'board early next week. I\'ll let you know if it was worth it.

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    Re: Squeaky Keyboard


    I had them replace all of the weights and plastics. There\'s no hint of any squeek. Just a nice thump when the key hits the bottom of its travel.

    It\'s funny. I feel like I can play the full range of velocities much easier, and the velocities seem better matched. The thing even sounds better when I play it. Seriously. The improved touch gives a direct feedback that makes it all the way back to the ears. It\'s kinda spooky.

    The total cost was $259.50, and it was way worth it.

    If you have an older keyboard, it may be more worn than you might guess. Getting it refurbished - or spending the money on a new controller - just might rekindle the old spark.

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