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Topic: 2nd Computer Registration for Kontakt/GPO

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    2nd Computer Registration for Kontakt/GPO

    I recently brought home my other computer from my office to my home studio, since the show I was on is down till the next season.I already have GPO installed on my main audio recording computer at my studio.

    I installed GPO in the 2nd one, but obviously the numbers from my original install wont work, system id stuff etc. Can I keep GPO on my main computer and get new auth #\'s for the 2nd box for OS9 and OS10? Any one had luck with this, I am having a hard time finding info on this at NI and want to get this running soon, I hear they take forever to get back.Also this computer has no modem, I took it out to put in a Griffin Gport serial port adaptor, so I would like to do this from the main computer.


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    Re: 2nd Computer Registration for Kontakt/GPO

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    Re: 2nd Computer Registration for Kontakt/GPO

    strange coincidence [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
    You can just go on the native instrument website and register you second computer. If it doesn\'t have a internet connection just follow the instructions on how to register it from a different machine.Good luck

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