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Topic: Error Code nº 5 with 1GB RAm,Please

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    Error Code nº 5 with 1GB RAm,Please

    hi, folks.I have a problem :Error code nº5(allocate memory) The Problem. I have a PC with XP Prof.SP1 and 1 Gb RAM.Only load 20 %, only Steinway B and a bit more. I was read the toppic of Mattias but I don´t know if is valid for a PC with 1GB of RAM.

    Anyone have working values for 1GB RAM?

    Another question, what is the optimal valors for each disk in the virtual memory dialog?


    Sorry for my english.

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    Re: Error Code nº 5 with 1GB RAm,Please

    Normally you don\'t need to alter the settings in order to get 99% load with 1GB RAM. Do you have Nero or InCD or similar installed on the machine? If so it\'s a good idea to remove it and try again. This type of software seems to do something that Giga don\'t like which causes exactly the problem you describe...


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    Re: Error Code nº 5 with 1GB RAm,Please

    hi,Mattias. finish the problem .by error ,I had put system cache instead of programs in the virtual memory dialog.

    Too,i select in the memory virtual dialog, for system disk 0 and 0; and samples disk

    Now,working correct.

    Thanks for the feedback, Mattias.


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