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Topic: Debussy demo

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    Debussy demo

    OK, I finally got around to updating my website, which now includes my first GPO piece. This is an orchestration of Debussy\'s \"D\'Un Cahier D\'Esquisses\" which I did back in 1989, and rendered in GPO recently.

    Go here and click on \"Listen.\"

    Hope you all like it.

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    Re: Debussy demo

    Ahhh Debussy!
    Finally one takes on this great challenge. As a devoted fan of Debussy, I was a little skeptical as to anyone pulling off any of his works near to any I\'ve heard before. You sir, have captured the splendor and stimulation of his work.
    \"This genre is incredibly intriguing to me, and I can\'t wait to explore it further!\"
    Please do so and share.
    What will be your next Debussy undertaking?
    Very pleasing.

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    Re: Debussy demo

    Debussy picks up dekidsy and takes them to deschoolsy.

    Seriously, very nice!

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    Re: Debussy demo

    Sounds great Daniel! You might try layering a tiny bit of solo violin into some of the string sections. Most of my favorite Debussy recordings almost always have a prominent violin or two peaking through the section.

    I loved your mix too!

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    Re: Debussy demo

    [ QUOTE ]

    What will be your next Debussy undertaking?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Actually, I have an incomplete orchestration of \"L\'Isle Joyeuse\" that I did a long time ago. I\'m seriously thinking of digging it out and finishing it in GPO. But my next project will be an original piece. I will, of course, keep the forum informed.

    Thanks for the kind words and suggestions.

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    Re: Debussy demo

    Wow, what a wonderful orchestration, true to the spirit of Debussy! I really enjoyed listening to it.

    Would you mind sharing a complete instrument list with us? And tell us how you managed to create those grand sting-tutti in GPO? My problem is that I can write them but sometimes fail to get GPO to sound as grand as it is written. A few words on how you mixed and eq\'ed it would also be highly appreciated by me.

    Please keep up the good work! You\'re a very good orchestrator!


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    Re: Debussy demo

    Great job! I would love to hear Debussy\'s \"Nocturnes\" too, I think GPO is ideally suited for this piece. It is possible to \'fake\' string harmonics with clever eq and some other things, but we really need a harmonics patch for GPO.

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    Re: Debussy demo

    Very nice indeed.

    Daniel...would be interesting to hear a bit more about the details...like instruments used, EQ, reverb etc.

    Great work, really enjoyed it...one of the best GPO renderings so far IMO.

    Thank\'s for sharing. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]



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    Re: Debussy demo

    Well done, Daniel! Even Debussy complained how difficult Debussy was.

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    Re: Debussy demo

    Daniel, This is magnificent. You have certainly captured the essence of Debussy here. Congratulations. It’s funny, GPO seems to get better every day with each new demo.

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