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Topic: Will a 5400 rpm drive work for samples?

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    Will a 5400 rpm drive work for samples?

    My 120gig Maxtor drive died. It was one month out of warranty, but I figured it wouldn\'t hurt to ask Maxtor if they\'d replace it anyway.

    Well, they sent me a 300gig Maxline II drive as a replacement.

    I\'m pretty excited, but I\'m worried that it won\'t have the speed to act as a sample drive.

    It\'s only 5400rpm, but it is also supposed to have some newer technology, so I don\'t know if that makes up for it.


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    Re: Will a 5400 rpm drive work for samples?

    I\'m sure I read somewhere that 7200 rpms is a minimum. I\'m sure the more important parameter would be seek time less than 9ms.

    Although I\'ve never had a problem with a Maxtor drive the clunky banging sounds it makes while reading and writing always scares me. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif[/img]


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    Re: Will a 5400 rpm drive work for samples?

    I think this drive is going to be less-than-optimal.

    You were better off with a 7200 RPM drive with less than 9ms seek. Now you have 5400 RPM with less than 10ms seek. Not good even though Maxtor \"thought\" you would be happy with the extra capacity.

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    Re: Will a 5400 rpm drive work for samples?

    Its kind of hard to be picky when they sent something after the warranty. Lessons from a cat...it never hurts to ask. See if they would be willing to send you one that is faster. (7200 RPM with 8 meg cache) You have not only slower 5400 but a quarter of the ram cache (2 megs) It will stream but probably not with as much polyphony. If not, it will make a great data backup drive. Perhaps put it in a firewire enclosure and use it to backup & transfer large amounts of data.

    Anyway, it should work, just not as well as a faster one. If they turn you down, give it a try and see how it works.
    Good luck

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    Re: Will a 5400 rpm drive work for samples?

    My laptop has a 5400RPM drive; it works, but not at high polyphony. I do a lot of \"create a part, record it to DAW, create next part\"...


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