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Topic: Technical Issue for Development Team

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    Technical Issue for Development Team

    After installing Garritan Personal Orchestra on a new laptop with a Centrino processor, 1GB of RAM and everything else in it, when I attempted to launch GPO after rebooting, there was an error that read \"This program has failed to initialize\" and \"DSOUND.DLL was not found\".

    If somebody could give some insight into what exactly caused this problem and how to fix it, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Re: Technical Issue for Development Team

    Hi Sorahiko,

    I think it\'s a pretty good guess the problem has to do with your laptop audio system. What are you using for audio input/output on your laptop? Onboard sound, or an external USB, PCIMIA or FireWire device?

    I don\'t know how computer savvy you are, and I don\'t want to insult you by starting with basics, but in lieu of more information here\'s what I suggest:

    In Windows, go to Control Panel, and select sound/video... devices. Check to see what your settings are for audio. Is there some appropriate device selected? If you are using onboard audio, then your laptop help or manual should tell you what it ought to be. DSOUND.dll sure sounds like an audio driver or plug-in to me .... Have you gone to the web to make sure that you have all the latest drivers for your laptop?

    If the sound device is selected properly, then maybe there\'s a problem with it? Go to the Device Manager (inside the System, also accessible via the Control Panel) and make sure there are no Red exclamation points, or yellow question marks for audio related devices.

    This is about as far as I can go without more information from you.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Technical Issue for Development Team

    As far as I know DSOUND.DLL is part of Direct X and also comes with your sound card drivers. Have you recently upgraded to DX 9b? Or perhaps you have not installed Direct X/Direct Sound at all? The GPO box says it required Direct Sound to work on Win-based computer.

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    Re: Technical Issue for Development Team

    And I\'ve just thought - with it being a laptop - maybe you are using on-board sound card without Direct Sound capability - in which case - ouch, I suspect you might need to buy an external USB/firewire/pcmia sound solution to get your GPO to work!?

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