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Topic: This is too much! Kernel panic while sleeping

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    This is too much! Kernel panic while sleeping

    I\'m pretty much at the end of my rope with OSX. How the hell can you get a kernel panic while the computer is sleeping?

    This thing (dual 1.25) crashes opening apps. It freezes closing apps. It crashes if I move the mouse too fast or just click somewhere it doesn\'t like. It crashes running DP. It crashes running Logic. It crashes using Kontakt or Stormdrum or GPO or whatever. It crashes using a Motu midi express 128 or a G4port (Griffin) It crashes with my 424 card or using built in audio. It crashed in Jaguar. It crashes in Panther. One crash in 10.2.6 took my whole boot drive with it, authorizations included. Disk Warrior found 11,236 overlapped files and reported that it was inoperable. I zeroed it out and started again on 10.3.2. On Tues. it crashed at least a dozen times in four hours or something.

    I\'ve been troubleshooting this piece of &^U# ever since I got it.

    Apple Utility tells me the hardware is fine.

    Please do not start talking about trashing preferences or repairing permissions or do I have enough RAM or that kind of thing or I will go over the edge.


    Whew, good to get that off my chest. And seriously, I can\'t get a thing done unless I go back to OS9 to do it. Which is what I am doing but it pisses me off to have all these fancy libraries sitting around without being able to use them. I wish I was on a PC, swear to God.


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    Re: This is too much! Kernel panic while sleeping

    I got a scrap dell P3 1Ghz I can send you. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: This is too much! Kernel panic while sleeping

    What model of Mac did you buy? Is it the \"icrash\"? You are right, PC\'s are your destiny. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img]

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    Re: This is too much! Kernel panic while sleeping

    Have you tried fixing the permissions or trashing the preferences? [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img] [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]


    I know that with my Dual 533 G4, I was having a lot of crashes in OS9 and Kernal Panics in early versions of OSX.1 and found out that one of my RAM chips was bad. It was fine before....but somehow became bad. It took me while to narrow it down to that, but since you have done everything else it seems....and have updated versions of all hardware and software (.....IS it a first generation 424 card or the new 424/G5 compatible card?)..........have you checked the RAM chips and rotated them each in and out of the computer?

    Once I replaced my bad RAM chip with a new one.....My system is completely stable now.....running OSX.3.3, a MOTU 324 card believe it or not.....DP4.12, upgraded to 4X superdrive, all the PCI slots are full and I have 4 large hard drives in the thing.

    OSX is more picky about the hardware specs than OS9 use to be. The slightest hardware thing can sometimes cause OSX to kernal panic and crash.

    Another thing to try first actually.....have you tried to simply create a new user account on the same computer? Add another account in OSX. See if you can do some of these suspect things....let it sleep and wake after a night in the new account....see if it will do it without having a kernal panic. If it works fine in the other new account, but not in your current user account, it is simply a corrupted background file somewhere in your user account. If it behaves the same way in a new user account.....then it is most likely system wide in the core OSX files and or a hardware thing.

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    Re: This is too much! Kernel panic while sleeping

    Hi guys, thanks for all the replies. I took a little break from the kind of computer work that makes it crash (OSX and NI plugs!) and I feel much better now.

    I believe that all this instability is caused by NI stuff and even though it is getting better it is far from good. I doubt if it\'s a hardware problem since the thing runs fine stripped of all AUs. I thought the G4 port could be causing a problem and I have since abandoned it and pulled the driver from my system. Now I\'m using the Motu midi drivers exclusively, all others are deleted from the system. The 424 card has new drivers and all that but for some reason I just can\'t bring myself to trust the Motu stuff completely. When I get a second I\'m going to run the system with my MIO (2882 + DSP) thereby completely setting my mind at ease one way or the other. The system runs fine on built in audio but I can\'t recall which combinations of AUs I was testing in that configuration.

    My system has not crashed or had a Kernel Panic for the last week and I think that\'s because I have not used GPO or Stormdrum. Although I have used kontakt 1.52 loading the White Grand and that seems to be working. That version of Kontakt has the new DFD extension and those updates have not made it to kompakt, Kontakt Player or Intakt yet. Perhaps that\'s the reason. Don\'t know, it\'s all conjecture. No conclusions yet......I\'m just keeping my ear to the ground.


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