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Topic: Help please!

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    Help please!

    For some odd freakin\' reason, whenever I use gigastudio, after several minutes of composing, the computer decides to restart for some reason. I can\'t get any work done without it restarting for no apparent reason...

    Anybody got suggestions?

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    Re: Help please!

    The only time I\'ve had trouble with spontaneous reboots is when a power supply was going bad. I\'ll bet there could be plenty of causes, but this one might be worth checking out.


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    Re: Help please!

    It shouldn\'t be the power supply, because it\'s pretty much brand new. Also, the only time this happens is when I use gigastudio.

    I\'ve counted - it\'s shut down 14 times now.... I\'m going mad here.

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    Re: Help please!

    It sounds like the good ol\' msg32.exe that we all know and love. If you are using Win XP try going to the system control panel/advanced/starup recovery and unclick \"restart\" on system failure. This will at least let you see if it is msg32 that is blowing up.


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    Re: Help please!

    Is this a setup which was previously working fine?

    Has anything changed with the system? Any new hardware, software?

    Are all the cooling fans working?

    Is it getting warmer there? Is this a new machine which may have only been used in winter months?

    What you are describing is not normal behavior. Is it possible this machine has never been \"torture tested\" so to speak, and could always have had had the problem, unknown to you? If that\'s not the case, some condition will have necessarily changed to trigger this kind of misbehavior. You just have to eliminate the variables and find it.

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    Re: Help please!


    Even though you perceive the problem as being related to Giga use, sounds to me as if you need to rule out the possibility that it\'s the Sasser worm that\'s spreading across the planet just now. Sasser reportedly causes repeated spontaneous system reboots, just as you\'re experiencing.

    If you\'re handy with the Windows Regedit tool, the quickest way to check for Sasser is to go to

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\ CurrentVersion\\Run

    and look for an entry that refers to either avserve.exe or avserve2.exe

    If you find such an entry, that\'s your problem.

    At present there are two variants of Sasser. Symantec offers free removal tools for both variants:


    As with all virus-removal tools, it\'s best to run them in safe mode with your PC off the net, and with System Restore turned off, if you\'re running XP or ME.

    Good luck!


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    Re: Help please!

    Does the computer give you an advice of imminent restarting with a countdown?
    If so maybe you have a msblast exe problem. Try a search on your computer for \"msblast\".


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