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Topic: Scherzo of the Aberrant

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    Scherzo of the Aberrant

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    I haven\'t posted a piece here in a while, so I thought I\'d post my newest song, \"Scherzo of the Aberrant\". I would like to know what you all think of this!


    Good Ol\' Miroslav Woodwinds
    Vienna Strings
    A few soundfonts

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    Re: Scherzo of the Aberrant

    That\'s very nice Nigel. It has a nice atmosphere to it. I really like the first expansion of the theme.

    Were you just gonna leave it there? I was longing for it to get more intense, like Bolero does.

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    Re: Scherzo of the Aberrant

    Thank you! I\'m thinking I might do more songs with the same melody/idea in mind. I\'ve never done that, but I\'ve always wanted to. OR maybe I\'ll just go back and do more stuff with that song. I thought it ended sort of too soon.

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