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Topic: Encoding copyright info in mp3s

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    Encoding copyright info in mp3s

    Possibly off-topic so please forgive - I\'ve noticed that most of the people posting demos here manage to get their track information (artists, legal stuff) to appear in media player (or whatever you\'re playing it in).

    How is this encoded into the mp3? I\'m using CubaseSX2 to churn out my mp3s...

    Cheers for now!


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    Re: Encoding copyright info in mp3s

    There are quite a few software packages to do this, but if you\'re running Windows XP you can do it like this;

    right-click on your MP3 file,
    select \'properties\',
    select the \'summary\' tab,
    click the \'advanced\' button if it appears
    click in the \'value\' column for whatever you want to edit, and edit it
    and finally press \'apply\' or \'ok\' to exit and save the values.


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    Re: Encoding copyright info in mp3s

    Wow, that easy? Thanks!


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