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Topic: PO Studio does not find samples

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    PO Studio does not find samples

    Hi !

    My installation of GPO is working fine, but i cannot use the predefined templates of Personal Orchestra Studio. I can load and use instruments selected via Kontakt-Player, but trying to use \"New...-> <Template>\" gives me several messages that PO-Studio cannot find the samples on my harddisk. According to the message it tries to load them from \"c:\\Program Files...\" although I have installed GPO (and the libraries) on drive f:\\
    Re-installation of PO-Studio did not help (i am using the latest version of PO-Studio).

    thanx in advance

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    Re: PO Studio does not find samples

    Hi Clayman...

    I had the exact same problem. It seems you need to install GPO into it\'s default folder: C:\\Program Files\\Garritan Personal Orchestra\\ ...i.e. the one promted by the message you described.

    After ecountering this problem myself, I just re-installed GPO into it\'s default folder and now it works just fine. If I understand it correctly, it\'s some sort of bug.

    However, AFAIK Gary and Tom are aware of it...hopefully it will be fixed in the future.

    EDITED: Or...you could do as per Twinset\'s instructions below.



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    Re: PO Studio does not find samples

    Hi Dierk

    This is a problem in the current version of Studio. It works fine if you install to the default location (ie your C: drive). I believe it\'s one of those things to be fixed in an upcoming release. Meanwhile you can do a search for the samples and load them that way. Then, once they\'re loaded save the template. Then the next time studio will go straight to the right location.

    Good luck

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