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Topic: Controller for sample start offset?

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    Controller for sample start offset?


    I\'m just learning GigaStudio 2.54 and have a question. Is there a way to assign a Midi controller to the sample start offset parameter? I\'d like to be able to use the modwheel to change the sample start while playing. I can\'t seem to find a setting for this.


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    Re: Controller for sample start offset?

    There is a workaround of sorts. First of all though, keep in mind that this is a very limited sample start offset. Its 2000 samples. Its just enough to take the edge off the attack of a sample. (Its handy for getting rid of glitches without having to edit the audio too) So, you won\'t be eating into the sample very far. To get further, you would have to have several versions of the sample starting at different points and assign those to dimensions. This is a limitation of streaming. You can\'t go in past the RAM buffer.

    Anyway, to have some amount of MIDI control, you would have to create several dimension splits and assign them to a MIDI controller. Then put different amounts of sample start offset on each of them. It would be more a switcher than a continuous MIDI control setting.

    If your interested in MIDI control of the Attack time however, that is done in the \'EG Mod\" tab.

    That is about as good as it will get concerning sample offsets.

    Hope that helps and sorry if it isn\'t exactly what you want.

    Take care

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