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Topic: Diva Sounds Interesting But How Do You Use It?

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    Diva Sounds Interesting But How Do You Use It?

    I heard the demos of Divia By Design offered at discount to GPO users by BelaD. It sounds promising but how do you use this ? Is it a sample that you just play through MIDI, or do you have to \"build\" something.

    The price is certainly right but its not very useful if you have to be an expert to use it (sample systems are fairly new to me).

    I\'m particularly interested in realistic vocal sounds (choral, group, solo etc). Would this be a good addition? Thanks for your help


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    FAQ Section at Bela D Media.com

    \"How do I use DIVA by Design?\"

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    Re: FAQ Section at Bela D Media.com

    Diva By Design is like a needle drop version of DIVA, it is audio files (in surround sound or stereo) that can be loaded into any sequencer.

    All of the melodies were composed by Francis Belardino of Bela D Media , and most are *very* good, and will fit easily into most compositions.

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