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Topic: performance set or opus 1 ?

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    performance set or opus 1 ?

    Can anybody tell me what is the more usefull in vsl : the performance set or the opus library ?
    In other words, is it possible to compose with only the performance set ?

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    Re: performance set or opus 1 ?

    No, I don\'t think so. The Orchesta package can be used alone or in conjunction with the performance set, but I\'m pretty sure the performance set doesn\'t stand on its own as it is for use with the performance tool which in turn makes the Orchestra package more realistic. Anyway, you are better off getting Opus 1 rather than the performance set, or the Orchestra package.

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    Re: performance set or opus 1 ?

    Bear in mind that all Performance Legato instruments in all of VSL\'s products can only be monophonically played. Polyphonic performances on, for example, strings can only be achieved by creating seperate monophonic midi tracks for each line. In other words, you can\'t play chords via the keyboard.

    If the 1st and 2nd edition Complete Orchestral Packages are out of reach, then I really would recommend Opus 1 because you get a very full range of polyphonic instruments and a generous selection of the most essential Legato instruments.

    Luck to you

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    Re: performance set or opus 1 ?

    It depends on what samples you currently possess, imo. If this is your first \"starting point\" purchase, I would say go Opus1 without hesitation. You get the most important (imo) facet of the Performance Set, the Legato Tool, plus the basics you need to do most things.

    If you already have some good sounds, you might find the Performance Set more useful. All of the many different toolsets, runs, chromatically sampled legato patches, etc, are invaluable IMO, and the very best part of any version of VSL. It\'s what really separated it (and still does) from the other libs out there, more fundamentally than the ludicrous sample count VSL is up to now.

    I already had a respectable set of samples, and couldn\'t afford to get the whole VSL enchalada, so I asked around and from what I was told, purchased just the Performance Set. That worked best for me, and I couldn\'t be happier. I\'d like to add the full Pro Edition sometime, but I am NOT hurting for it. Yes they are monophonic, but slip some of those legato violas underneath a fast string passage (or above it...) and feel your jaw drop. Its a cool feeling. The important question to ask is do you already have strings to place the Performance Srings with? Not so much because they can\'t stand alone (they can!) but as mentioned above, writing monophonically for strings isn\'t a very intuitive process on a piano!

    Again, if you do not already have a solid selection of samples covering most bases, then I bet you\'d do best with Opus1. Just another perspective.

    best [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: performance set or opus 1 ?

    Thanks for all your answers.
    In fact, I\'m already working with several libraries ( EWQLSO, KH, WG...).
    Of course, EWQLSO is the main library in my set. But I\'d like to create some pieces more intimist, and above all, more neutral in terms of accoustic. It means that I want to create a new orchestral set without the EWQLSO for some compositions. What you say leads me to choose Opus 1.
    Thanks again for your comments.

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