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Topic: license question-please elp

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    license question-please elp

    A related question to the following one has probably been asked before. But I searched for license issues and couldnt find it specifically.

    I am planning to collaborate with another musician on several projects. We would be using 3-4 computers including 2 laptops. Would I be able to install GPO on all 4?

    the answer probably is that the max instances of kontakt is 2. But please let me know how I could use it for more than two instances. (I would be very happy with 4 but 3 would be just fine)_

    But then I was just thinking, what happens if your computer HD crashes and you have to rteinstall everything? how does it work then?
    thanks for any input

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    Re: license question-please elp

    I\'m pretty sure there is a fee for additional liscenses, but I don\'t know the cost. Gary would probably be the best person to ask, you may want to email him at gary@harps.com.

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