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Topic: Somebody, PLEEEEEASE HELP!!!!

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    Somebody, PLEEEEEASE HELP!!!!

    Hi Everyone
    I don\'t know if anyone can help, but I thought it\'s worth a try. I am having major problems trying to record a large orchestral piece using Gigastudio 96. I have gone through each orchestral section (wind, brass and strings) in Sibelius and added dynamics, midi messages, program changes etc and all i have to do now is record them. However, I am unable to record the whole lot at once because there are too many notes for GS96 to cope with. Therefore I split each section down to record and I was then going to pile them all on top of each other. However, I tried recording only the piccolo, flute and oboe and ran into problems with playback - crackles, pops, jerks etc. Obviously this is no good because when I put the files together they will be out of sync. Anyone got any ideas?
    I don\'t suppose anyone would be able to do this for me if I email the files?!

    258M RAM
    40G HD
    DDSW Lite
    SAM Horns/ freeTrumpet
    Prosamples Orchestral Brass (trumpet used in conjunction with SAM
    SAM timp
    GOS Lite

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    Re: Somebody, PLEEEEEASE HELP!!!!


    From the system setup you described, you need a second dedicated hard drive to store your samples. You\'re not going to get maximum performance from Gigastudio if your samples are on the same drive as your system. Do not create a second partition on the main drive....it has to be a separate physical drive. The biggest/fastest one you can afford. That I think is the only way for you to get the full 96 voice polyphony of Giga 96. Also try to beef up your system with more RAM...as much as your motherboard will allow. Hope that helps.

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    Re: Somebody, PLEEEEEASE HELP!!!!

    Hi LLoyd
    Not strictly a solution for a Giga user, but... If you export from Sib as a midifile, and open the midi file in Cubase, cubasis or something that will run a VSTi.
    Load your samples into the vsti . Its unlikely that you will be able to play all the
    instruments at once, but you won\'t need to.
    Instead, you can render out each (or any combination) of track(s) to a wav file.
    The rendering is done all in software, and only takes a few seconds per track.
    The resulting wavs are all time accurate.
    Then put all the wavs into a multitrack, you could use Cubase, Cubasis or a dedicated multitrack like Vegas or Adobe Audition (was Cool Edit) and mix the whole lot like a tape session, adding whatever fx you like (reverb, compression etc)
    The advantage of Vegas is, even if you don\'t have the computer power to run all the wav tracks at once, (if you\'ve made a track for every stave in the score you probably won\'t) Vegas will render the whole thing out (slower than real time this time) to a single stereo file that any computer will play. The more powerful machine, the faster the render. You can always mute selected tracks to audition a section for fx and balance, and you can also render down selected tracks to one.
    So even if you do have one track per stave as wavs you can always get down to a track or two per orch section.Then you will hear the resutant combo.
    Of course you\'ll need to get your samples into a vsti first and the midi file may need editing in the list editor to remove some specs right at the beginning, but you\'ll work it out.
    As a general trend I\'ve noticed from many forums like this, a lot of users are coming up against the limitation of notation verses sequencer progs. With sampling technology leaping ahead so fast its about time these issues were sorted properly.
    We want a notation prog that can specify detail and render out any way we choose. Whoever manages that will clean up.

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