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Topic: How to dedicate your harddrive?

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    How to dedicate your harddrive?

    Just wanted to add a question to LEE and others regarding the best set up for harddrives.

    LEE you mentioned in another thread that Giga3 will support RAID. This is cool.

    On a typical system to get the best performance how do you allocate storage? I guess what I am asking is that I read here you need a IDE drive let say for your OS and applications etc. Then you need another fast drive for sreaming the samples. What I would like to know is where is the best place to put the AUDIO as its being recorded?

    For instance let say I am running Cubase and I put Cubase on the main harddrive, then I want to use let say EWQLSO SIlver and other samples. Based on your decription they should reside on a seperate drive so they can stream better, but what about the audio that is being recorded into the Sequencer while those samples are streaming? Where should the audio go for best performance? This is what I wish to know.

    Second Question:
    What about the new Athlon 64? Its getting great reviews and it support SSE that Gigastudio 3 likes. Anyone wish to comment?

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    Re: How to dedicate your harddrive?

    So Lee,

    You have 2 drives for sample streaming in your Mac in addition to your main OS/App. drive (so 3 IDE total + FW for audio)? Is this on a G5?

    I\'m a bit concerned with using FW for audio on my G4, since I use a Canopus box in one of my FW ports for outputting video. Although many I\'ve spoken to think this should not be a problem, if the box is on its own port.

    How else do other people allocate your drives for audio/sample streaming/OS?


    John Z.

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    Re: How to dedicate your harddrive?

    Thanks Lee,

    I didn\'t realize that you could put -4- drives in a G4. I have a DP 1ghz as well (Quicksilver).

    Its also reassuring to hear that you have no problems with the Canopus.


    John Z.

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