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Topic: is this an osx, motu or gpo problem?

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    is this an osx, motu or gpo problem?

    greetings all

    i\'m running GPO on my G4 powerbook (1 GHz processor, 1 gigabyte RAM). my sequencer of choice is MOTU DP4.12. my midi controller is m-audio\'s oxygen 8 and just updated the drivers yesterday. i\'m running osx 10.3.3. that being said i\'m having some really serious problems and i think my system should be more than sufficient for what i\'m trying to accomplish. i spoke with mr. garritan on friday and told him of my problems: my system is freaking out. i was working on a sequence that contained one stereo audio track and seven midi tracks, outputs assigned to garritan 1-7, a gpo instrument track output assigned to built in audio 1-2; my kontakt player was loaded with seven different dry patches: basses lush, cellos lush, violas short bow, violins 1 tremolo, violins 2 lush mutes, vibraphones, and flutes (the organ patch) - all dry. my buffer size was set to 1024. that\'s it - one instrument track, seven midi data tracks, one stereo audio track and DP4 just kept \"unexpectedly quitting on me\" - repeatedly. sometimes playback would freeze and my screen would just go blank, sometimes i would get the quitting message, sometimes my screen would gray out and i\'d get the you need to restart your computer message. once i would restart, i\'d try to launch dp4 and then the \"loading garritan patch\" screen would start twitching, lock-up, and demand a force quit action. or it would just completely collapse on me. so i tried customizing my studio size; that didn\'t work - everytime i\'d try to change the studio size, my playback buffer would spike and bam, shut down right when i hit \"okay\"; then i thought i\'d mute tracks to free up system resources and that didn\'t work either. i exhausted everything i could think of. playback would be fine until a section where four or five gpo tracks kick in and then bam, my processor monitor would spike and again, shut down. so i talked to gary and he suggested a few things, which i did:

    i repaired permissions in osx
    i rotated my cache logs (sudo periodic daily, sudo periodic weekly, etc. from my utilities terminal)
    i installed the new m-audio drivers

    still, i can\'t figure out what\'s going on. can\'t find anything on the website either. there is no way with the system i\'m running that i shouldn\'t be able to run at least 2 instrument tracks loaded with 8 patches each on top of number of stereo or mono audio files, let alone setting up an aux track or two for routing my reverb and converting my midi info to audio. can anybody help me? any suggestions out there. i just got the software and i really love it but sure wish i could take advantage of its capabilities. looking forward to your responses.


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    Re: is this an osx, motu or gpo problem?

    I was getting all kinds of weird things happening (though no crashes) with Pro Tools (6.4) when I had a 24 bit session, and I was using GPO on an audio track. (OSX 10.3.3)

    It says in the manual to only use 16 bit sessions, and somebody on another post told me to use GPO on Auxilliary track, not audio.

    I tried a session 16 bit on aux track and got much better performance. Able to use two intances of GPO (16 intruments).

    Pro Tools is a little cumbersome and I also have DP 4.12 and I plan on giving it a try in the next couple of days. I will let you know how it goes.

    Another person said to get more RAM, even though I already have a GIG.

    Sounds to me like you \"might\" have bad RAM. If you do, GPO will reveal the problems as it is very RAM intensive.

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    Re: is this an osx, motu or gpo problem?

    There have been a lot of threads on the motu-mac forum (yahoo groups) lamenting the relatively \'miserable\' performance of DP 4.12 on Powerbooks with OSX, even without GPO in the mix. It seems you\'ve done the logical \'cleanup\', system maintenance and buffer tweaking, you may just be suffering from this general problem.

    The unexpected quits are often reported to correlate to questionnable plug-ins, which GPO is not at this stage. Even plugs that pass motu\'s AU inspection have been reported to cause problems. A common remedy suggestion is to remove all plug-ins, and put them back in one at a time until the offending plug(s) has been identified.

    I use the GPO Kontakt player regularly without this problem on my Dual Gig G4, though I much prefer to run it remotely on my GigaStudio PC inside V-Stack, where I get significantly better performance.

    Good luck.

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    Re: is this an osx, motu or gpo problem?

    Usually the Powerbook problems involve cpu spiking and delay rather than system crashes, or difficulties restarting dp. They have also involved FireWire problem connections with interfaces. It sounds more like a problem of too little ram to me. I use a single processor G4, which should be similar to your Powerbook, and until I upgraded my ram I had similar problems. I donít recall how much ram your Powerbook can hold, but if you bring it up to the max, you wonít be sorry.

    For all the Powerbook problems with dp, there are many more users that use them just fine with no difficulties. Iím not sure that the reasons have been clearly pinpointed. Itís the old blame game from software to hardware, then hardware to software over and over. I believe that since there are so many users who get good results, that itís probably an Apple problem. O.S.10.3 was supposed to fix a lot of problems, but who really knows.

    The Unicorn Nation forum has been down now for over a month. Their ISP went out of business without notice, and as yet James hasnít got it up and running with another provider. But as Trond said, this a wonderful source of info when Itís working. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    Iím sure youíve probably thought of these things, but they havenít been mentioned here.

    <ul type=\"square\"> [*] Do you have classic mode running in the background? This is a ram killer. [*] Make sure you have nothing else running as well.[*] Make sure youíre using only dry instruments. Keep only the windows open in dp that you really need.[*] Turn off Auto Scrolling.[/list]

    I know there are other things you can do, but Iím pressed for time and canít think of any more at the moment. But there is hope. While not as efficient on a Mac as PC, GPO is usually perfectly useable, and perhaps when the new Kontakt player is released, Us Mac guys will be in GPO heaven.

    Best of luck,

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    Re: is this an osx, motu or gpo problem?

    thanks karl and everyone else

    my powerbook can hold 2 gigs of RAM
    i\'ve got two 512 chips
    as far as bad RAM goes, how do i know if mine is bad?
    i\'ll try turning off auto scroll and closing everything but the tracks overview window when recording and perhaps that\'ll help
    i never run any other programs when dp4 is launched and i don\'t run classic mode either so hopefully i can get these bugs pinned down
    no firewire interfaces right now involving dp4; i just import converted audio from pro tools and occasionally RADAR sessions, but that\'s on an entirely different rig

    dubaifox, good luck with dp4 - when it works it\'s great! however, unless i\'m mistaken, GPO has to be loaded as an instrument track in dp4, not an aux track, altough i\'m not 100% - any ideas out there?

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    Re: is this an osx, motu or gpo problem?

    Are you running the Kontakt player as an AU plug? It has never worked for me within a VST wrapper. I feel that my machine is on the borderline for being productive. Itís a 1.25 GHz., single-processor machine. Yours is a little slower than mine, so I wonder if that extra drain on the CPU might just be enough to push your Powerbook into the obis. I still think that the best thing you can do is to max out your ram.

    It is painful to do, but you just might have to freeze every track as you record it and once you have done that, go back and tweak the midi tracks one at a time, then rerecord them.

    Remember that the mod wheel is capable of putting out amazing amounts of data. In DP you can thin this continuous data either at the time of playing, or go back and thin it out later. This can help a little. Just be careful not to destroy the smoothness of the modulation. Also remember that anything that moves on your screen pushes you CPU. Make sure that your Mixing board is behind another window, or better yet, close it until midi is recorded into audio.

    As far as checking your ramís integrity, TECHTOOL PRO will do a ram check, but I think itís kind of like getting a cardiogram, your heart can look fine that day, but the next drop dead. Iíve not had a chance to read it, but there is an article in MacWorld this month about important fixit software.

    You are right. You must load the Kontakt player into an instrument track with DP.

    I believe the new Kontakt player is in beta. Perhaps when it is released, we might get better performance.

    Get that ram, if that doesnít work for you, you might have to face the fact that we just canít do a lot with our current Macs and save up for a G5. Thatís what Iím doing.

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