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Topic: Making custom .gigs with keyswitches...

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    Making custom .gigs with keyswitches...

    Should I use Giga Editor? Or do you guys recommend another piece of software to make custom gig files.

    Here\'s what I want to do:

    ..I want 5 levels of sounds. From Soft to Loud. (middle_c_1.wav, middle_c_2.wav, middle_c_3.wav, etc.)(1=soft 5=loud)
    ..I\'d like to do a 20 note span starting at middle C on up.
    ..All files are in .wav format.
    ..I would like to add 2 keyswitches for each note. (strum vs. a pluck)(middle_c_1_pluck.wav, middle_c_2_pluck.wav, etc.)

    Is there a step by step tutorial on making something like this because I couldn\'t figure it out in the Gigastudio Manual.

    or... any other suggestions? I\'m wanting to make a few libraries royalty free for you guys but I just don\'t know where to start. Any help is appreciated!! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Making custom .gigs with keyswitches...

    Hey- sounds interesting! Guitar??? Acoustic or electric??

    Anyway, I\'d be interested in knowing about a tutorial also. I know David Govett has written one (about $60) but probably not a good idea to pop for it on the eve of the appearance of GS 3.0.

    I\'ve been trying to do a simple gig of classical guitar and find that the wizard in the editor transposes my wavs downward by (almost) a couple of octaves. Obviously I\'m doing something wrong but there is no real tutorial included in the GS help.

    I\'d suggest that you try something simple first- like one level, just to see if its gonna work for you. Good luck- and dibs on the gigs you produce! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

    Carl Smith

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    Re: Making custom .gigs with keyswitches...

    Good to see you around here Justin. Just wanted to say hello and that I\'ve listened to about every song you put on MP3.com a couple of years ago. You should post a link to your site for all these guys. You will turn more than a few heads around here.

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    Re: Making custom .gigs with keyswitches...

    Thank you! I didn\'t know I was that \'known\' [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] Mp3.com was definitely a kickin\' place in its time and will probably never reign it\'s supreme status again. They are now just another small fish in a big pond.

    Turn a few heads?... well, I\'m sure like a lot of people, there are some heads I would rather not \'turn\' [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] Slowly but surely I\'m building my library and its come to the point where I\'d like to make my own.

    Guitar.. Fiddle.. Drums, and trumpet samples are the instruments I want to convert to .gig for a free download for musicians. I actually just finished a 3 hour recording/mixing session for about 30+ drum sounds. from the mega big bass hits to the high pitch anvil\'esk.

    So.. if anyone else out there has any sites with tutorials, i\'m all ears. otherwise.. dangit... I\'ll have to go out.. figure it myself.. and make my own tutorial. :\\

    ...and waiting patiently for a reply..


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    Re: Making custom .gigs with keyswitches...

    You would need to get to the know the Wizard tool in the editor.
    To start off, the samples need to be organized into separate folders, one for each velocity and for each articulation. In your example, you would need 10 folders.
    5 for each velocity of plucked, and 5 for each velocity of unplucked.

    Each sample in the folder needs to have some way of identifying its root or unity note. The best way is to add the note name to the end of the wave file name.

    (Pluck Velocity 1 C4.wav for example)

    Before these are dragged or imported into the Editor, the Edit preferences window needs to be set to guess the file name by note number.

    Then they are imported into the editor and you run the wizard tool and it can map them out for you. In the tool, these folders are assigned to various velocity and dimension splits.

    The tutorial we made is still available and will be relevant for much of Giga 3.0. Also, we are creating a DVD tutorial for 3.0 and we will make sure that existing owners of Giga Mastery get a discount.

    The first step though is preparing the samples into folders and naming them properly.


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    Re: Making custom .gigs with keyswitches...

    thanks dave!! That \'kinda\' helps. I guess its just easier to see it done versus having it explained in text.

    Also, I tried going to your site to check on those videos, but none of the links worked. Is there another place to order them? Or, should I just wait till something comes out with Giga 3?


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    Re: Making custom .gigs with keyswitches...

    My site is all messed up and will be until I finish some other projects. Go to Tascam if you need to order the tutorial.


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    Re: Making custom .gigs with keyswitches...

    Ok.. I\'ve got another question...

    I\'ve imported my samples. I\'ve kept it extremely simple, and I\'m doing a series of Drum hits / box bangs / metal clashes. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    Right now, I have 5 .wav files varied in sounds.
    I created 5 new regions.
    I set them to start at C3 - G3 (white keys only)
    Each region I set to stereo resolution and dragged a .wav to each to assign it.

    When I assign them to the keys, they transpose themselves -12 (1 octive lower in pitch) when I play them back. My question is how do I assign them to a region without them changing in pitch?

    Then, say I wanted to drag them another set of keys. How do i keep same pitch without it changing again?

    Am I missing something? And yes... when I\'m done, i\'m going to post the .gig here for you guys to download [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Making custom .gigs with keyswitches...

    Easy questions!

    \"When I assign them to the keys, they transpose themselves -12 (1 octive lower in pitch) when I play them back. My question is how do I assign them to a region without them changing in pitch?\"

    Use the right mouse button when dragging. In the meantime, you can turn pitch tracking off of already mapped regions by going to the Mix Layer tab and unchecking \"pitch tracking\" there. Pitch tracking is great when you want to stretch and transpose melodic instruments. They need the proper unity note to work that way though.

    \"Then, say I wanted to drag them another set of keys. How do i keep same pitch without it changing again?\"

    Two things.
    1. With pitch tracking disabled as above, this won\'t be a problem.
    2. For instruments that do have pitch tracking and you want to not have them transpose when you move the regions up or down an octave, you can go to the Edit menu/ Preferences window, and check the box that says \"retune regions when dragging\"

    Hope that helps

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    Re: Making custom .gigs with keyswitches...


    thanks so much for the help!! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] I wasn\'t able to bring in the keyswitches just yet because I\'m still baffled with it. I guess i\'ll have to study them a bit more and figure it out with the next sample set.

    Anyway, as promised, here\'s my free royalty free .gig set for you guys. You may find some instruments useful, and others absolutely worthless. None the less, its my first go at it.

    \"Edgen Box Hits\"

    As the title says, It\'s a drum set with me banging some boxes and plastic tubes. Throw in a bit of a reverb, and it won\'t sound too bad at all. If you use them in a piece, I\'m looking for demos to promote along with the release of the set.

    till the next round.


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