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Topic: Problem with cymbals

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    Problem with cymbals

    Hi all,

    I have done a rough first mix of a piece called In My Family here.

    The problem I have is with the cymbal rolls about half way through - they sound fine played directly through GPO, but when mixed down to .wav or .mp3, they are \'breaking up\'.

    Do any of you gurus have any advice for how to prevent this??

    Many thanks


    [credits - Compsed by Pat Metheny, arrangement based heavily on Bob Curnow\'s L.A. Big Band recording]

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    Re: Problem with cymbals

    Make sure you have the latest update from NI. There should be a link at Garritan.

    That was a problem in the first iteration of the Kontact Player.

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    Re: Problem with cymbals

    Thanks for the quick answer, but I believe I already have the most up to date version

    Could anyone confirm that this is the up to date version, and, if it is, what else could be causing my problem?

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    Re: Problem with cymbals

    Actually, I have experienced this as well even after the update. Try cutting back on the level a bit in the kontakt player if you are using one. It worked for me. Cymbals tend to push the envelope and break up at higher levels and some FX\'s may add to the problem as well. See if this helps and if if not maybe the GPO team can help further.
    Hope this helps some.

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    Re: Problem with cymbals

    I’ve experienced problems like this, only to find that I was playing my midi tracks along with bounced ones, thus recording the track on top of itself. I\'m sure it\'s not GPO, since we have many demos with cymbal rolls without any problems.

    Hope you get this worked out,

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    Re: Problem with cymbals

    Thanks Sal and Karl,

    I will look into both of your suggestions and hopefully sort this thing out.

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