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Topic: Balance issues in GPO

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    Balance issues in GPO

    Now, in most synths the brass (with the possible exception of the Horns) usually get drowned out in sheer volume by everything else, including the strings. In a real orchestra, the strings are actually the quietest sections--I\'ve seen many a conductor hold the brass back even though both the brass and strings are written fortissimo.

    Where am I going with this? The default settings in GPO have the strings at a greater \"volume\" than the trumpets and the other brass as well as the percussion (and by \"volume\" I am not necessarily referring to the value between 0 & 127). Does anyone have any realistic settings for this?

    The only reason I bring this up is because I write using a notation program (Finale) where the dynamic marking is directly related to the volume level of the samples played. Sometimes, to get the right balance I have to put one section (e.g. trumpets) at forte and another (e.g. the strings) at mezzo piano. If that\'s how the score were presented to players, the live trumpets woulod blow the hell out of the strings!

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    Re: Balance issues in GPO

    With all due respect, I believe any sampled sounds or synthetic sounds for that matter, will always have to be dealt with when it comes to balance of equalization, reverberation, and certainly volume. After all, we are talking about individual clips of audio. In the old days, a musician had to know how to play his/her instrument, now it seems your instrument is outdated if it doesn\'t have a direct out. I too am aggravated when I can\'t hear a sound as soon as it\'s loaded, then I realize the volume knob on the Kontakt player needs to be turned up again, certainly if this is my only complaint about the program, that aint too bad! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] I\'m very happy with it!

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    Re: Balance issues in GPO


    Are you comparing an individual trumpet to an entire string section? I don\'t mean to critical, but the FF horns are much louder than strings. It may be that you are comparing individual ensemble instruments to sections, in which case the volume issues may be \'correct.\' Though, it DOES take 12 violins to equal the \'loudness\' of two violins (stupid audio, WHY DON\'T YOU ADD UP LINEARLY?!?.. but I digress).

    In anycase, the overlay brass sounds are very loud, and if you\'re not happy with the loudness, you can always adjust the volume knobs of your brass instruments. I know it\'s a pain to have to do it every time, but GPO pre-pans, and \'volumes\' everything (including brass for me!) so you\'re still saving lotsa time.

    Hope that helped.

    - Junk

    P.S. See if you can create a template to load the GPO players so that the brass sounds have an extra notch or two on the volume knob [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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