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Topic: Portable Hard Disk Recorders

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    Portable Hard Disk Recorders

    Anyone a fan of portable hard disk recording solutions?

    Ive been working for a music technology joint for a while now, and I use alot of the BOSS digital recorders for recording out on the road, and more recently in the studio, just because I seem to use it more than the ProTools setup I have available to me, and therefore can work my way around it much better.

    I use the BOSS BR1600 quite alot, and with fairly decent mics, you can get some great quality recordings. Of course, I only use it to lay down tracks...the actual hard work is done on my Sonar setup at home.

    Im keen to find out your opinions on using these devices...whether youve had first hand knowledge or not. Im just wondering whether Im really shortchanging myself if I use something like this to *record* (mostly small string/woodwind ensembles at the moment), rather than a more software/hardware-based recording solution?



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    Re: Portable Hard Disk Recorders

    I use a Korg 1600. (24 bit, phantom power and OK pre amp), which fits in a small suitcase, for location recording of strings, woodwinds, also acappella vocals. Like you I then download onto PC. Unlike a PC it\'s silent when recording. I don\'t bother with seperate pre amp. Its only limitation is I can only record 4 tracks at once in 24bit, (8tracks in 16bit), which is the only thing where studio recording wins out. Otherwise I have no criticism.

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    Re: Portable Hard Disk Recorders


    I don\'t have a hard disk recorder, but a client of mine has an 8 track (I don\'t remember the model) and I am mixing a project for him in Sonar right now. The tracks sound really good.

    When I record on location, I use a laptop running Sonar 3 with a Mona Laptop interface. The results are quite good. You can hear one at:


    The guitar part was recorded on location in a living room, and the rest was added in my studio using GPO and live recording.

    -- Martin

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