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Topic: Kirk Hunter Solo Strings : Advice on EXS import...

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    Kirk Hunter Solo Strings : Advice on EXS import...

    Hi all.
    I\'ve been reading quite a bit lately on the this forum and would like to say I\'ve found a great deal of generously shared knowledge that\'s been useful on more than one occasion. So first of all let me express a big thanks to all the contributors...
    This is post \'numero uno\' for me on northernsounds -more a question than a helping answer- but hopefully my future contributions will help out others [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    Anyway I\'ve recently decided to get Kirk\'s excellent solo strings & they arrived yesterday. I was wondering if any of you have used the collection in the EXS MKII, which is my main sampler (I\'m on Logic).
    As you all know -or don\'t know- KHSS is Giga only so...
    I would be very interested to know if you relied on the internal Logic Giga import function or if you used CDXtract (I have that too) to convert the Giga files. Or chickensys translator?

    I was also wondering which patches I\'m gonna have to tweak. Kirk mentionned conversion problems with some programs that use modwheel control.
    Any advice - experience- welcome.

    BTW, I have Kontakt. Could this be handy for certain patches. (I haven\'t upgraded to 1.5 yet because I\'m still running on OS9 - which won\'t last long.) Do you know if 1.5 will convert modwheel controlled programs correctly? If so I wouldn\'t mind running my Mac on osX just for the conversion process. But basically I don\'t want to have to rely on Kontakt for playback unless I really have to (for SOME specific patches maybe). Exs is so well integrated and Kontakt isn\'t stable enough (compared to EXS) on my system. -

    Thanks in advance for any input.


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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Strings : Advice on EXS import...

    For me at least,
    CDXtract and Transaltor have both choked on Kirk Hunter Solo Strings. In the case of Translator...it crashed. CDXtract did it into Kontakt, but instead of the key-swithing and mod, all the samples played at once (probably because they haven\'t updated their software to take advantage of version 1.5.2. Version 1.5 of Kontakt will choke on the mod wheel stuff no matter what). The only successful conversion I have made is by doing one program (within a gig file) at a time with Kontakt\'s (1.5.2) own import. I got the Halion version (with the original gig files) and instructions on how to convert. So Halion can do it.


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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Strings : Advice on EXS import...


    I converted Kirk\'s whole library to EXS24mk2 last summer, using EXS\'s own giga translation. It all translated fine except the modwheel patches. The key switch patches however, translated wonderfully.

    I actually haven\'t bothered to fix the modwheel ones, because I personally prefer using key switching to change samples, and leave the mod for volume control.

    I will say that EXS\'s translation at least puts the samples that are to be triggered by the modwheel onto separate groups. From there it\'s a fairly easy fix. CDXtract however, put all the samples in the same group, which would make fixing the modwheel patches extremely time consuming.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Strings : Advice on EXS import...

    Thanks for your input folks, I\'m doing it with EXS import and the results are pretty neat..
    Apart of course from the modwheel stuff but it\'s pretty easily readjustable.

    Wow what a lovely collection...


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