I\'m a novice GPO but... How do you get a notator program like Sibelius to switch channels used by the player.
Here\'s an example ( a basic crucial one)
String quartet. Loaded in the player: main instruments on channels 1,3,5,7 and their pizzicato versions on 2,4,6,8.
In the score alls well, instruments mapped to their respective player channels, but then how do you get the pizzicato? You can get the pizz to play by changing it in Sibelius mixer window, but thats no use, you need to drive it from the score. In Overture a technique expression can be specified to change to a specific instrument. That works well, and the same expression (say \'pizz\' ) can be defined differently for each stave so each instrument uses the correct pizz version, but how is this done in Sibelius? Midi bank and program changes can be sent but is there a channel command?