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Topic: Symphonic Brass Collection to ship next week!

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    Symphonic Brass Collection to ship next week!

    Sonic Implants is proud to announce the release of our Symphonic Brass Collection , featuring solo and ensemble French Horns, Trombones, Trumpets and Tubas. Released in Gigasampler format, the Brass Collection is the newest addition to Sonic Implants’ premium Symphonic Collection. Like the acclaimed Symphonic String Collection, this is another “must have” library for composers and producers.

    Special Pre-Release Price. The Brass Collection is on sale for a special pre-release price of $849 . But be sure to order now - this offer ends on May 10th , after which the price will be $995. (I know that I posted previously a price of $795, but that was my mistake - sorry.)

    Recorded in the same hall, using the same award-winning engineers, and featuring Boston Pops musicians, this collection packs a truly unique set of features including the largest set of brass articulations available, multiple section sizes, up to 4 alternate takes on short articulations, plus release samples and looped sustains. Extra realism, a perfect blend with the string collection, and Sonic’s well deserved reputation for superb playability and quality, make this the brass collection of choice.

    You can find complete details on the Brass Collection on our new web site.

    Right now we have only one demo on our web site, but we should have several more posted within a week or so

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    Re: Symphonic Brass Collection to ship next week!

    It seems David that the SI Brass page has some coding errors. Halfway down the page where it lists links to what might be a demo and listing of articulations, etc...the words are not clickable. Also....the overlap another sentence of text and are barely readable. So.....the demo you mentioned is apparently not up and running yet. Just FYI.

    EDIT: I now tried this in Internet Explorer and the page now loads fine. But in the Mozilla Firefox browser version 0.8, the page is not displayed correctly. So....you might want to have to web site guys test the page in multiple browsers to ensure the coding is universally compatible.

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    Re: Symphonic Brass Collection to ship next week!

    Well the placement of the players has an effect too, even if they do absorb the same. I wonder how much of a difference that actually makes. If you did a blind test, would you actually be able to tell that there are players sitting there? It would be interesting to hear an A/B test.

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    Re: Symphonic Brass Collection to ship next week!

    It\'s a well known fact that no group is as dense as percussionists. Those wacky, mallet-weilding impact junkies are the thickest of the bunch. Probably too thick, and I bet that\'s why they weren\'t represented during the recording... too much damping.


    and for the record, yes yes many of those musical demolitionists are my friends! =P

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    Re: Symphonic Brass Collection to ship next week!

    I´m afraid to be sincere...There are many people here thinking NS is only for compliments!!!

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